Cntv to enter the leisure game prospects are not involved in online research and development

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In Saturday, Shanda and Cntv opened a very brief press conference announcing cooperation. Let's take a look at how the newsletter is written: "Shanda and China Network television will be in the development of online games, operations, promotion and other business cooperation, at the same time, will also be in major sporting events, excellent program production and other aspects of the focus of cooperation, in addition, the two sides will also promote the network video field of authenticity, copyright protection exchanges and cooperation.  "The general meaning is that Shanda will and CNTV joint operations to develop online games, while CCTV will put some important programs copyright licensing to cool 6, the two sides will establish joint ventures."  However, on the author's understanding, Cntv do online games to develop the possibility of relatively small, can be said even if done, the likelihood of failure is relatively large, so, CNTV should be the focus of the joint operation of online games.  Because it is disclosed that although the CNTV surface is not short of money, but lacks the market mechanism the incentive and the top mature technical personnel (this from the CNTV user experience difference can be seen), the development swims the basic is impossible. Even if the grand "help" CCTV to develop online games, but Shanda and willing to spend much energy to do it? may be known.  In addition, CNTV, although known as the national team, and publicity, but the impact and flow has yet to be observed. In fact, the grand and CCTV cooperation has already begun. CCTV's game channel has previously been associated with a grand joint operation "Sweep", which is now closed for testing.  and "Sweep" is a grand network of internal research and development team to create multiplayer online game on-line.  CCTV game channel also in the operation of the game Hall draw card games, want to rely on their influence to enter the casual gaming market, but the current situation, the number of users is very little, the official website game introduced less than 60 of the browsing volume.  Even Shi Yuzhu had previously said that the national team is not to enter the net swims good, because enter such capital surplus and the competition is intense industry, the risk is too big. Therefore, the proposal CNTV the future or only the operation of online games even do not touch it, as video content and copyright developers are CNTV best choice.
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