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"Xian ol" announced will be opened in the recent news of Imperial Sword Test, by countless gamers, whether it is rich in the story of the fairy tale background, or through which the Chinese traditional culture, are players relish the topic. And the game of outstanding scenes, the original paintings, but also caused a number of fairy-man fans wildly sought after.  Both Chinese traditional ink painting Wind, the game released a variety of original paintings, has already become the Fairy fan collection of fine.  With the sword test open time, "Xian ol" official specially for the majority of players released the latest Miao Xinjiang game original painting, unexpected wonderful, absolutely satisfy your desire to collect! This is the first appearance of the Miao Xinjiang concept map, exquisite thatched cottage quietly elaborated a return to nature, the idea of seeking heaven. Under scrutiny, you will feel a strong, rich fairy wind blowing. So beautiful, is "Xian ol" in one of the four gate faction of the Miao Xinjiang station. Here is the intersection of the world of Reiki, is a rare cultivation treasure.  Miao Xinjiang has such a treasure, under the disciple cultivation can definitely achieve a multiplier effect. Miao in the door are handsome and beautiful, so the disciples are so highly-regarded as to be marginalized in the forest corner. Grievances into hate Miao disciple, gradually to the other three door faction hostile attitude.  However, in the advent of the crisis, Miao Xinjiang disciples still come forward, in the dance of the flute Ming revealed the fairy character, to do except evil. The world only know Miao is proficient in witchcraft poison, but do not know Miao's royal Beast of the operation of the world a must. They are familiar with the essence of fairy surgery, the internal and the driving of animals, when the enemy when the beast to attack, is to chop demon in addition to magic stunt.  Popular Dust Novice day, Thunder Roar Siye, the Dragon a world color! How, these wonderful "Xian ol" the original painting makes you feel enough to be enjoyable? These rich and rich characters background, touching story, can see that the game art staff is a hard, not miss any one of the details, this is "Xian ol" as a domestic game boutique success! More exciting game original painting, will continue to release, please players look forward to! (Digging the shell net)
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