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Todd Wasserman, the American science and technology blogger Mashable, published a commentary in Tuesday titled "Why I wouldn't buy Apple Watch," Tode Witherman. Todd explained in his article five reasons why he would not buy Apple Watch ...

The following is the main content of the article. Apple's smart watch Apple Watch will not be available until early 2015, but I've made sure that I don't want to buy it. Apple Watch looks like an elegant, practical and stylish device. I understand why some people are counting the days to wait for it to go public, but it's not for me.

Part of the reason is that I'm not an early pilot. I've been waiting for about two years to buy my first iPhone, but then I found that I could have gotten a much lower price for a similar experience on Android phones. So I don't want to be stupid anymore. Again, I don't think I need to buy MacBook Pro, because the MacBook Air has been able to fully meet my needs. I can spend a little more to get a slightly better experience, but I really don't think it's necessary.

In this sense, Apple needs to come up with a very compelling reason to convince me to spend 350 of dollars on Apple Watch. Apple Watch is really good, but I won't buy it anytime soon. Here are my five reasons.

1. No Apple Watch is doing well

I've been living for decades and I've never used a smart watch. Now, even if Apple Watch, my life will not improve. I don't need to go around all day and not always focus on time. And I found that I sat at the computer for at least 8 hours a day with a smartphone, which enabled me to get news and information in time.

2. Apple Watch will make my life worse.

Smart watches can adjust your calorie consumption and your exercise status, and it can be nice for some people to keep in touch with your work and friends. However, this situation also makes people feel an omnipresent tension. In 2014 years, our lives need less, not more technology. A recent study found that company executives spend up to 13.5 hours a day waiting for e-mail. Oh, why do we need more efficient ways to send and receive emails?

3. More inexpensive fitness tracking equipment

Do you want to train for a marathon? Maybe you just want to lose a few pounds. We know that even without networked smart devices, we can track our fitness activities. For example, a 15-dollar running watch can monitor your running speed, which is almost enough for running training. Maybe you want to do more running or walking. In this case, I suggest you buy a 17 dollar pedometer. If you still don't believe this is enough, you can ask yourself this question: On a cold, snowy morning, do you need an Apple Watch to remind you to go out and exercise?

4. It will cause serious damage to our attention

More than six years ago, Carr (Nicholas Carr) published an article in the Atlantic Monthly expressing the internet's distress:

In the past, I could easily immerse myself in a book or a long article. I would be attracted by the narrative or argument in the book, and I would spend hours reading a long essay. But it all became the past. Now, after reading two or three pages of books, my attention began to slack off. I felt irritable and confused and started looking for other things to do. I feel the need to constantly force myself to concentrate so I can get my mind back to the text. Deep reading was a natural thing to me before, but now it has become a battle.

Before Carl wrote this article, smartphones had not yet become mainstream. I dare say we are worse off than Carl. Personally, it's hard for me to have a lasting conversation because I often want to look down on my cell phone. Think about how many people can resist the temptation to be distracted if they wear a smart watch on their wrists.

5. It's very easy to damage

Apple Watch hasn't been listed yet, so we don't know how strong it is yet. I'm sure it's pretty sturdy. But the IPhone is strong, and many people break it. I also broke an iPhone, and I distinctly remember the feeling of fear, very close to losing hundreds of of dollars. I estimate that after a two-month listing of Apple Watch, some of the wearer will break its screen while skating or cycling.

Even if not smashed, Apple Watch is likely to be damaged. Every one of my watches is broken, usually the wrist strap and the dial connection are damaged. Also, the charge of Apple Watch is a problem (Apple's battery life for Apple Watch has been tight-lipped). In short, if I buy Apple Watch, it will bring a lot of unnecessary pressure to my life.

No, thank you. I'll leave it to the early wearer who likes to fantasize.

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