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Tan players are the lifeblood of game makers.  For the player, the golden cool game to spend a long time to make a masterpiece, design players really love the 3D m O RPG (large multiplayer online role-playing games), and the use of large regional operating mode to the users across the country. Benefiting from 3D online games, Golden cool game in the early 2010 by the popularity of Shanda games, mergers and acquisitions into a wholly owned subsidiary.  For Shanda Games, in the large 3D network game product research and development strength of the important supplement, and for the golden Cool game, the access to the overseas market access to the smooth laying. 3D games to play the golden cool game of growth road a bit tortuous.  8 years ago, founder Gebin together with several veteran gamers to start the golden game, once because of funding problems and had to suspend, until 2006 again to unite with the original entrepreneur again. Today, the golden cool game for many gamers, is already a familiar friend. Whether it is the production of the game or entrepreneurial team, in the player is quite word-of-mouth.  The founding team are fans of the game, they are in the forum free dialogue with players, and even many players directly write emails to them to talk about the introduction. Played on the market big and small game, then the entrepreneurial team hope that the Chinese people's cultural thinking to build in line with the Chinese preferences of the Games, the type of game should be based on the market at that time to 2d type of large-scale game-oriented. As a result, a group of native local players day and night, the Chinese traditional culture, Chinese players, such as fun and so on.  Subsequently, the world's first video network game "Magic Circle", the Chinese traditional zodiac concept and myths and legends as the blueprint of the 2D network game "Zodiac Legends", reflecting the spring and autumn period of the Chinese Games "princes" and other large-scale online games produced.  The record is good, the "magic Circle" results is to let the entrepreneurial team surprised if crazy, in 2008 for the Golden Cool game brings tens of millions of annual income. All this has also aroused the attention of the grand game.  So, golden cool game in early 2010 was Shanda game mergers and acquisitions, become a wholly owned subsidiary. At that time, the player's habits have begun to change. Compared to playing online games with more players sitting in front of the computer, a large number of players now focus on a few social platforms and even spend more time on smartphones. The changing habits of the players have led to a marked change in the type of game and platform, with the rapid development of Facebook, iOS and Android.  Plus the popularity of computer accessories and 3D film, television and other applications of the popular, 3D games also began to prevail. Shanda Games Co., Ltd. Chairman and Chief executive Officer Tan told the south reporters, "community, fragmentation, leisure is the real needs of the current players, the play is the right direction of development."  "Tan said, refers to the high depth of the game, high viscosity, allowing players to indulge, the pursuit of achievement and high honors; The story of the game is complex and a world view. As a then, the production of the Golden Cool game has changed to a variety of M m O R PG mostly.  The fantastic theme of the large-scale fairy magic game "descendants of the Dragon", with the western fantasy world view as the theme of the game "Magic World 2" has been pushed to the player. Making a masterpiece 3D m O RPG is not easy, it takes at least three years of development cycles, and 3D games require more memory and storage space for rendering.  However, this is the golden Cool game competition threshold, but also further opened the golden Cool game and other game manufacturers distance. Online games Overseas "stepping stone" a game developed, will carry out the company, the public test and so on many tests, finally only officially online operation.  This period, but also to carry out a series of promotion, including online and offline activities of the promotion, Internet bar promotion, etc., in order to let the game from the virtual to reality, and finally really reach the hands of the player, internet cafes and other channels layout is essential. But pure game developers, in this chain, often lost the control of the operation, too strong game channel business, may even take most of the revenue.  Golden Cool game from the outset set the independent research and development + independent operation of two legs to walk, in all parts of the joint regional agents, to take a large regional operation mode, in the access to a greater autonomy. Under the framework of the large regional operation model, Golden cool game for large regional operations to provide extension services platform, the operation agent of the game integration into a platform, such benefits are convenient for players in chess and card games, large client games and web games seamless switching between, but also to promote the regional operators are all the agents of the game.  Large area operators can obtain the golden cool designated game in a certain time of a server operation rights, independent to the player promotion, the net income by operators and the golden cool according to a certain proportion.  With independent operation of the initiative, borrowing more than 20 regions nationwide more than 40 agents, gold cool in the domestic market at the beginning of success, but the development of overseas markets is still a problem.  Chinese online games to go overseas is not an easy thing, the biggest challenge is to let people of different cultural backgrounds accept, this need in the game design in accordance with the national culture for local innovation, but also in accordance with the promotion of different areas to adjust the promotion plan. Backed by a grand game, Golden Cool game found their own way overseas: the Western and Western style of the game, borrow the power of the grand game of access. For example, the current hot push of the "Magic 2", on the basis of Chinese traditional culture elements, the use of European and American markets familiar with the recognition of local cultural symbols for repackaging to overseas.  With the help of Shanda's push channel and media resources, it has exported more than 10 countries and regions, and has become the most exported country and region of China online. Tell me the truth. Tan, Chairman and CEO of Shanda Gaming Co., Ltd. "Golden Cool has a better VIE structure model" grand Game investment gold Cool game, is because the gold cool game style suitable for the global promotion, the product superiority can and the grand game has the platform, the customer resources superiority full docking and the fusion. In addition, Golden Cool has a better v IE structure model, but also suitable for the magic world2 after the success of the product, but also through the listing of capital operations, bigger and stronger enterprises. The golden Cool game is starting from the pioneering research and development team, we have given a lot of support to his market development, such as the resources of the partners are the advantages of Shanda's own accumulation of resources, not only to provide money, but also provide game development, operation, production, technology and other aspects of experience, the game on the line, we also provide all the operations, promotion, including Internet cafes, to push.  The activities of these entities can quickly improve the market visibility of the game of gold. In addition, we also provide a grand game for many years to pave the way overseas, benefiting from such a pathway "demon World 2" has been exported to more than 10 countries and regions, to become the largest export countries and regions of China online games.  As a king, their joining is also an important complement to the power of Shanda games in research and development, especially in the development of large 3D online game products. Interview: South all reporter Xu Xian jade share to:>> more
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