Golden Live Medicine announces strategic cooperation with pharmaceutical capital to promote rapid business development

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January 20 News, Yesterday, the Golden Live Pharmaceutical Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "golden Living Medicine") announced, and the Chinese Medicine Capital Management Limited (hereinafter referred to as "the Chinese capital") signed a strategic cooperation agreement, the two sides will be in the product distribution, mergers and acquisitions development and E-commerce and other areas of close cooperation, Promote the rapid development of Jin-live medicine business.

As the investment platform of China Pharmaceutical Group Corporation ("The Chinese Medicine Group"), the medicinal capital has become the strategic investor of Jin-Live medicine last September. Through the signing of strategic cooperation Agreement, the company will be able to through the group's distribution channels (including pharmacies and hospitals) to sell its agents of well-known brands and key new products. At the same time, the Chinese medicine Capital will assist the company to select suitable OTC drugs, health products and medical devices from the diversified product portfolio of the group, and combine with the efficient marketing ability of Jin-live pharmaceutical and the extensive distribution network of the Chinese medicines Group to exert the potential synergy effect, bring the new growth point for the company

In addition, the Chinese Medicine Capital will assist Kim Woo in identifying suitable potential acquisition targets, including e-commerce providers, clinical extension providers and upstream producers, with the aim of upgrading the company to a comprehensive channel covering the production capacity, covering pharmacies, e-commerce and clinical channels.

In order to grasp the huge development opportunity of China's pharmaceutical electric market, the Chinese Medicine Capital will assist Kim Woo medicine to shape e-commerce and mobile Internet service platform, and provide value-added services in the sales process. Jin-Live medicine is now in Shenzhen before the sea to establish a Cross-border E-commerce platform and the National Pharmaceutical Logistics Center, the future will also be through the integration of the resources of the group and the company in the former sea to enjoy the competition and policy advantages, the establishment of medical supply chain financing services, integrated online resources under the line to make the golden Live medicine to become a comprehensive medical and health solutions provider.

Mr Chaoliseng, chairman of the Board of Directors of the Golden Living Medicine, said that the strategic cooperation between the Jin-live medicine and the Chinese medicinal capital would fully integrate the resources and advantages of both sides and achieve a mutual benefit and development through various cooperation. Facing the continuous attention of Chinese consumers to health and health care, and the trend of flat consumption channels, Jin-live medicine, together with the capital, will better grasp the huge market opportunities to meet the needs of consumers. Through the close cooperation between the two sides to continuously enhance the core competitiveness of gold live.

It is reported that the Jin Live Pharmaceutical Group Co., Ltd. is mainly engaged in China brand imports of drugs and health products distribution. According to the total import value, the Jin Live pharmaceutical group was one of the top 100 importers of Chinese medicines and health products in 2010-2012. The group has purchased more than 60 medicines from different suppliers from Japan, Canada, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Thailand and China in 10 categories. Many of them for the market well-known brands, including Kyoto Tzu-Chuanbei loquat paste, horn brand is dew pill, lovely liver oil pill series, flying Eagle Oil, according to the horse Red safflower oil, heart pills and Mentholatum series. The group's existing distribution network covers all parts of the country except Xinjiang and Tibet, covering more than 70,000 retail outlets.

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