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Grand announcement of transformation, but Chen flyover of the transition to let everyone speculate a lot. He has more than once revealed the transformation of the information, and clear the direction: first, social, and the second is mobile internet. But until the friends of the century exits, Shanda wireless 20 million yuan to attract mobile application developers, only to truly support his mobile internet layout.


Friends of the century died

In recent times, Hua friends century to become a grand wireless message of importance, enough and the Ministry of Industry and Commerce to jointly regulate SP mobile value-added services as eye-catching, and the potential tacit agreement between the two is a fascinating imagination.

China friendship century, once the Nasdaq three major SP listed enterprises (another two is the air network and handheld) one of the mobile remediation SP malicious Suction gold "11" and the Ministry of Industry and other related departments before the supervision, such as the SP company, such as the "profiteering" scenery of the moment no two.

2009, the great loss-plagued by the friends of the century into its own, at that time the good expectations of the outside world, grand will soon be with the help of China friend century offensive mobile client game field, which is grand as a big guy best at the games. But the layout of Chen Tianqiao is very confusing, and the Friends of the century in the next days just like a "capital operation" pieces.

Grand first with friends of the century bought video website 酷6网. Finally, backdoor landed on the Nasdaq 酷6网 has its own code "cool Six Media", Friends of the century not only the brand can not be lost, the original music and wireless value-added services are also the grand capital after the operation of hidden deeper.

Chen finally at the beginning of this year "results" the mission of the Hurray century, in a series of former Friends of the century staff "big cleaning", the Chinese Friends of the century formally transformed into an Android platform based application development and content providers, previously acquired by the acquisition of the Chinese Friends of the century SP wireless business has been abandoned, friends of the end of the century, Chen Tianqiao Mobile internet strategy of the new owners Grand wireless surface and menacing.

Yesterday afternoon, Shanda Wireless and MediaTek launched wireless internet products and announced a reward program for developers: 20 million yuan to set up a developer fund, directed at Lenovo "Le Fund" and Kai-fu Lee's innovation workshop. There are insiders sigh, said Chen is forced or not, said that friends of the century SP business outdated or not, but the grand loan of friends century this shell to expand video sites and mobile internet two territories of the layout is indeed neat. Before people are not good judge of the role of the century, Chen Flyover took a more decisive means.


E-books are just test water

On the importance of the mobile Internet to the grand, Chen also has a more like the elaboration, "Android strategy is one of the (grand) group of four events, the group will be with great determination, confidence and resources input to promote the development of Android strategy."

and Shanda Group chief financial officer Wu Shao revealed, "Grand and Friends of the century exchange of assets is a grand network into the mobile Internet market strategy, but not the only strategic move." He stressed that Shanda was going to enter the "whole" mobile internet market. What is the layout of Chen Tianqiao outside of the century?

This question makes the image of last year's hype of E-book Bambook particularly conspicuous. Friends of the century transformation of the Grand wireless mobile internet content providers, while the Grand Mobile Internet Terminal Product ebook Bambook is earlier than the content appeared, also walked a step-by-step bureau.

As early as September 2009, has been sitting on the domestic largest network literature market share of the grand literature and Nokia and other manufacturers to jointly launch the built-in mobile phone novel cooperation. 2010, the year of Chinese e-books, people saw a rush to the Han Wang technology and went to the grand Bambook. Grand Literary CEO Hou Xiao Qiang than Chen flyover more high-profile, Bambook "sell at a loss" low price strategy once touched the industry bottom line, in order to protect the legitimate status of content resources, Shanda literature is repeatedly and Baidu, regardless of the appeal to court.

According to the Chingko Research Center released 2010 years Q4 China E-reader Market-related research reports, Bambook sales quickly reach the second market, although with the market first Han King still has a considerable gap, but the momentum can not be underestimated.

There are people in the industry joked that online games started, the internet but the sense of crisis and entertainment empire dream coexist, Chen Flyover has a deep "terminal complex", 2006 quite the nature of the Internet TV "Grand box" died, but Chen Tianqiao's "box plan" did not die. "He will also touch more terminals, tablets, smartphones ..." When the ebook is not guaranteed.


Sheng Hide the Secret

In fact, regardless of the hurray century of change or bambook into the Bureau, Chen Tianqiao in the mobile internet strategy slowly set up a complete platform. There is content, there are terminals, but also need a channel for charging, this is the complete business model.

Recently, the central bank has publicized the application of third party's payment licence. has been unknown to the Grand subsidiary to break through, payment tools Sheng surfaced, choose the day independent domain name officially online declaration is also quite high-profile. You know, the private online payment market in the first set, according to Analysys International 2010 years ago three quarter of third party payment market share data show that Alipay, Tenpay, fast money, yeepay payments and other private payment enterprises occupy more than 80% of the market share.

Analysts point out that Sheng's goal is obviously not to die on the PC's payment market, but to move the internet. At present, the so-called third party online payment mainly focus on the PC side, based on mobile terminals such as mobile terminal payment behavior has a huge market potential. Mobile payments are complex in terms of security issues and payment methods because of the diversity of mobile application products. This means that, whether it is Alipay, tenpay or Sheng, we are basically the same starting line.

Some analysts believe that the salient features of mobile payments are small payments, trivial payments, micro-payments, mobile phone pay games, paid reading and music than mobile phone shopping easier to achieve. And according to Sheng "advocate" of "micro-payment" concept, Sheng into the bureau mobile payment business becomes feasible.

Sheng, head of Hong Xiaojin, believes that micro-payments will become a new direction for the future development of electronic payments. Wu Feng, chief operating officer of China friends, said in a description of the Grand wireless strategy, Android developers can access the Grand billing system, similar to the current Shanda online function of wireless, can enable users to use a grand point card in Android applications to complete payment.

Sheng's secret suddenly became traceable.

Friends of the past life

Founded in September, focus on SP business (wireless value-added services)

Listed on Nasdaq in FEBRUARY

June was the Grand takeover

November acquisition of 酷6网, 酷6网 become the main body of China friends century

August renamed Cool 6 media

January Grand set up subsidiary Grand Wireless, focus on Android should

With the development, the original SP business to give up, Hua friends of the century gradually retreat

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