Hand Tour investment "Crisis and Machine": VC is often intimidated earn to be early to withdraw

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Beginning in the second half of 2012, mobile gaming has slowly become the focus of various wind investment institutions, and today, there have been successful development of the team experience, has long been an investment agency to chase the sweet cakes. The explosive growth is not one or two companies, but the entire market. Similar to the January 2013 earnings of a touch-controlled technology, a success story that soared to 40 million in February was not uncommon--dozens of or even a hundredfold return on investment that spurred investors to rush in. Therefore, in the market is not saturated, many VC/PE people are feeling that the hand tour industry is a strong seller's markets, the need to "chase them", and "serious imbalance between supply and demand". The attractive return on investment is a brutal reality. According to the statistics published by the major platforms, the success rate of hand travel from the online to a certain scale of users is only 1-3%, and this does not include products that have not been successfully developed. As risky as gambling is known, why not stop the raging investment enthusiasm? Uncle Moment believes that the current hand tour industry has many opportunities and potential, to some extent played a "bubble" role. This allows investors of all types to have more flexible and diverse options that are not infested with ships. Opportunity: Small bet not only pleasant and rich the current hand tour industry is like a disorderly flower gradually want to charming eyes of the big gambling city, not only has stimulated the high profit the wheel plate, also has the cast point steel coins son can play one afternoon slot machine. Coupled with the fast cycle that can really be achieved, there is little to be tied up completely, and is threatened with a "big deal". Traditional enterprises on the first round of the internet bubble has lingering impression, Yinghai Granville, such as the typical rout is now someone to do a negative example. However, the influx of private capital into the hand tour industry, confirmed that the competitors of the industry optimistic. Wenzhou fried Housing Group, Shanxi coal bosses in addition to the outbreak of myths and capital influx of double stimulation, more than before clear their position in the industry. Investors face more clearly understandable hand-travel industry, no longer like the end of the betting type of the next heavy bets, but according to their own positioning to determine their own model. 1. NET-type project hatching. This kind of like lottery betting horse secondary pressure unpopular players, once in the fame and wealth. Of course, this needs to be based on a strong capital, mature institutions and professional vision, so as to minimize risk and improve the chances of success. In the Internet industry, there are more well-known incubator institutions such as innovation workshops, and according to Chengdu Industry insiders, Forgame's venture investment institutions will hatch more than 40 projects this year. 2. Traditional deep cooperation. Like the Master Chess card chess, do this mode is generally the transformation of the large page tour companies, or early focus on the development and distribution of enterprises. The former relies on a good upstream and downstream to force, play the most serious hand tour from their hands; the latter is similar to China's hand tour in the mobile intelligence era before, has practiced the strength of the city listed companies. With the popularization of 4G network, offline WiFi layout, mobile technology development and other trends brought about by a new round of resource restructuring, shuffleIt is easier to hold the big cards in hand. 3. Amateurs style. Macao aunt in every day to buy vegetables on the way home, also will take the change to play two slots, lost not distressed, earned on the day when the food. Traditional enterprises or private capital into the hands of the industry, most of the reasons for the two: funds can not be idle, the expected hand tour will be like 10 years ago the same outbreak of online games. For the 50--100 of the hands and the short-term results, for investors who do not know the game industry, it is also difficult to find the same rapid development, the ability to become a strong investment area. Risk: In the prisoner's dilemma to meet the bubble known, whether it is the end of the tour or hand tour, once the market by the Giants carved up to finish, want to re-enter this field is almost no chance. For both developers and investors, it's also about how to grasp the chance of a hand-swim outbreak. In the second half of the year in 2013, when the warning: "2013 will be mobile game entrepreneurs last year", "the 2014-year first-quarter hand market will be bubble"-all kinds of alarmism is not alarmist? A senior executive at Jingwei has expressed the change in the market for the past year: the high valuations that do not meet the professional analysis have fired the whole industry, but the bubbles have also followed. For example, Chengdu Hand tour almost to a crazy state, nearly thousands of hand Tour team or the company is playing speed, into a classic prisoner dilemma. In the classic case, if two prisoners are denied, each sentenced to one year, and if both confess, each sentenced to eight years, if one of the two confessed and the other denied, frankly released, repudiation of the sentence of 10 years. The first time that development and investment have sensibly assumed that they will be released (safely before a bubble bursts) leads to the irrational and rapid froth of the entire industry. In addition, only rely on casual games to occupy the top 5 of the list of popular hands, Tencent, the next step will be a "micro-letter national team" thrust hand tour? A foot in the market is robbed of the uncontrolled risk in everyone's head circled, so we can only quickly cast, do, quickly push--hurry up quickly! 2014 many have a certain development, distribution and channel strength of enterprises, will have a further impact on the industrial structure. China tour CEO Xiaojian that, not only the capital strength, product planning layout, success rate, distribution strength and other aspects of capacity, will be the future of industry participants need to weigh the important factors. The sheer amount of money invested is not enough to make a place in the future.
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