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Housewives online design monthly million like playing games do not require special skills, do not need to go to the company clock, as long as there are ideas and ideas, you can choose the work environment can also get a good income. This is the newspaper United Pig Wei Passenger Network ( to find "Internet age 36 New line" Today launched a new industry-Granville Guest.  The 32-Year-old Chen is a housewife who takes care of his son at home, and she is also a resounding "Wei Ke Wang". First bid for $32-Year-old Chen at home to take care of his son. July 1, the reporter contacted by telephone in Beijing home with his son's Chen. "Design this line, a few years will not be able to keep up with social trends."  Chen said she was particularly afraid of being knocked out by society after she resigned 5 years ago. 2006, Chen contacted the Granville Net, at that time, a university in the United States on the Internet published "Design School standard" task, Chen special attention, she carefully reviewed the customer's project requirements, but also attentively studied the design and customer feedback has been submitted. 2 days later, Chen submitted his first design to clients on the Internet.  Her "Granville Guest" debut by the American University's favor, the winning bid let her more than 1000 yuan. Up to a single sum of dollars thereafter, she mainly accepted the task of design. "I was involved in one of the small tasks of a company offering a reward of hundreds of thousands of on the pig Online," April 2007.  "Chen said that after the award of the design, she received a reward of more than 10,000 yuan, which also became the current she earned from the network of a single maximum income. 3 years later, due to become CCTV reported early Granville Guest, and high winning rate, Chen in the industry gradually have "Wei guest king" reputation. "About 1/3 of the revenue comes from customers and new projects that have been successful on the Internet." Chen said, now earn money and play games very much like, after winning the satisfaction and playing the best equipment after the joy is very similar.  She spends about 6 hours a day on the internet, with an average monthly income of about 10,000 yuan. A tomboy is also a task Chen told reporters, Granville Guest online interesting task very much. Prior to that, she saw a girl on the internet to spend hundreds of yuan on the task of publishing, has aroused special attention. The girl in the task request said, she came to talk about marriage, but the age of the male friends around her childhood is a tomboy image of her as a brother, she wants to recruit a let oneself become a woman taste scheme. This task attracts many of the enthusiasm of the guests.  Finally, the girl selected a particularly detailed plan, ranging from dressing, speaking, sitting, and even to the most suitable hairstyle for its face, which provided extremely careful help. Noun interpretation of the new 36 lines • Granville Guest (Witkey) refers to the Internet through their wisdom, knowledge, ability, experience into the actual benefits of the people, they through the internet to solve science,Problems in technology, work, life, and learning translate into economic value. Granville Guest mode on the site users can be divided into two types of behavior: respondents and questioner.  The relationship between the two is that the questioner asks questions and releases the task, the respondents answer the questions and accept the task, and the questioner pays the answer to the person who receives the appropriate scheme. Impact on traditional advertising companies "at the outset, some people feel that only small companies that do not start out will be able to publish tasks online." Chen said, now including the National Development Bank, Tsinghua University and many other well-known units also came to the network publishing mission. This is the internet brought about by the concept and life of the transformation, Granville network of traditional advertising companies have formed a great impact.  Some advertising companies will be scheduled to release the task to the network, can save manpower and the application of talent. Chen also said, Granville online general by virtue of personal power alone, but gradually there will be more big enterprises began to the network to publish big task. She and some friends around her are considering whether we can work together to achieve a higher quality of the big task?  However, their plans are still under consideration due to problems of geographical spacing and remuneration allocation. The most suitable for students to try with the strength of the Guests group, competition is more and more fierce, the uncertainty of winning the bid is growing. Chen said, now the greatest happiness is not to earn money, but the winning after the satisfaction. A task many people bid, a few years down the guests became friends. Usually chat with each other, with the task of full competition, and finally see whose works more to cater to the market, this kind of happiness than to earn more fun.  She felt that the attitude of learning, students in the university can be more on the network to try, both the practice of learning theory can be completed independently of the entire task of the process to get the best and fastest promotion. Entry conditions must have a skill, not only refers to the design, can also be translation, planning and so on, as long as there are skills can be, if there is no special outstanding skills, with a sustained high enthusiasm can be. Have a good mentality.  It is very common for the Internet to be on the web, and the right to play and exercise online. Expert Comments Pig Network CEO Zhu Mingyue This is the general trend of the Internet era is becoming a new career, this is the general trend. Truly capable people can embrace this change. At present, the country has appeared to the Pig network led several members of several million, the turnover of tens of millions of Granville Guest site, the country's number of guests have nearly million. Take pig net For example, five years or ten years later, its user size reaches tens of millions even on billion, daily transaction amount more than 1 million yuan will be normal thing. At that time, enterprises all over the world will buy creative services on the Internet. Reporter Yang Yue intern Roding
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