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In China's internet, E-commerce industry is a bit less sociable, because it involves a lot of warehousing, logistics, supply chain, looks more like a traditional enterprise. For the creation of the original brand of Van, more is the case: even through the internet sales and marketing, it is necessary to get through the design, raw materials, production of various upstream industrial chain.

In all of the factories that produce garments, there are 400-500 of them nationwide, the largest of which is the Shen Group.

  located in Ningbo The Shen Chau Group is a listed company in the Hong Kong main board, mainly well-known clothing brands such as Nike, PUMA, excellent Uniqlo, and other foundry, with about 48,000 employees, every guest's star products T-shirts, polo shirts, clothing, etc. are produced here.

Where the customer and Shen communication process is, through the mail picture confirmation style, material fabric, quantity, size, price and delivery date, the general van Customer's shipping cycle of 50 days, but also have special cases, such as Jobs memorial T shirt, only 10 days to complete 50,000 pieces of production.

What is the difference between an Internet brand like Fank and Nike and Puma production?

Sina Science and technology to visit the Shen Ningbo Factory, for example, March every customer is still in the production of summer T-shirts, Puma, etc. has been doing in the autumn and winter clothes, which is the reason for every guest response faster, flexible decision-making. Of course, this also and where the customer style is simple, order volume more focused.

Where is the customer and Uniqlo, Puma and so on in the quality of how much difference? Shen related officials said that the two materials will be different, in the process standards, where customers and Uniqlo standards are very close. For consumers, every customer's price is very high.

Over the past year, Shen has produced 6.5 million VT, 1 million polo and 100多万件 clothing for every guest, accounting for 4% of the total last year's sales, about 400.05 billion dollars, which has increased by 200% per cent compared to the two years ago.

Although the customer did not disclose the specific cost price, but Shen to every customer representative of the 29-dollar T-shirts for example, for every customer to produce such a batch of T-shirts, Shen is to make money, but where customers in order to attract users to promote the brand to 29 yuan price to sell, is lost money

Where customers in the Shen processing of clothing, from the cost to the price between the profit is 30%, but the need to share freight, logistics, marketing costs, there is little left.

These are some very mechanized figures, but behind the labor of tens of thousands of workers, a fan T shirt is how to do it? and Sina technology to come close to Shen every customer processing factory bar. (View HD Atlas)

1. The Shen Group, which is located in Ningbo, is divided into several factory sites and employs about 36,000 workers.

Workshop Panorama

2. Shen According to every customer order requirements, the purchase of a variety of raw materials yarn, and through the machine will weave yarn into cloth.

The machine weaves the yarn into cloth

The machine is covered with yarn.

3. The woven cloth is sent to dye factory. (3 4 5 6 7)

The dyed fabric is sent to dye

The workers put the cloth into the machine

Dyed lewd cloth is divided into open good

The machine will dye the lecherous cloth for steaming.

4. Cloth dyed lascivious, will be cut processing.

The dyed cloth is lucky to be sent to the cutting shop.

The workers handled the loose cloth through the machine.

The machine cuts the cloth according to the specified size

5.T shirt with printed pattern of cloth, need to be sent to the printing shop processing.

Workers in accordance with the color plate

Finish printing by machine

6.T shirts are finished cutting, printing, to the sewing workshop "assembly." In the assembly shop, workers will be sorting, cutting the head, sewing, inspection quality.

The cut fabric is sent into the sewing shop

Sewing Workshop assembly Line

7. Sewing good, quality inspection finished clothing, will be sent to iron, and hang every passenger tag, followed by packaging processing, that is, the final consumer to get the appearance of the hand. In order to prevent workers from accidentally leaving metal when sewing, clothing before packing to carry out needle treatment.

When the clothes are sewn, enter the whole hot part.

Hang up the VANCL tag

8. After the completion of all processes, these clothes were scanned into the storage, and was installed in the printed box with the words, the unified hair to the warehouse, where customers can start to sell online, consumers can buy every customer's T-shirt.

A packed garment for a needle test

Scan Warehousing

The workers packed their clothes

Put it in a box and send it to the VANCL warehouse.

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