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Facing the strong advance of the electric trader, how to deal with the traditional retailing enterprises? Su Ning's answer is: active hug.

In the past few quarters, Suning's performance is very obvious reflects the explosive power from the electric business: Physical shop performance in general, but Suning easy to buy growth quickly. In order to express the determination, Su Ning will change the original name to "Suningyun" in February this year, and generalize it as "shop + Electric quotient + retail service provider". 5 months later, more confident Suning executives to the company's stock holdings. Prior to this, Suningyun, the second largest shareholder of Suning Electric Appliance Group Co., Ltd. has increased in late June more than 30 million shares, involving a total amount of more than 180 million yuan.

Last year, Suning had to their own strength to pry the entire electric business industry, in the line two years after Suning began to launch intermittent market offensive, and at the end of the purchase of well-known mother and child supplies Shanghong children.

Compared with other electric platform, Suning online years of accumulation in the field of O2O more easily exerting force, perhaps the confidence of Suning executives is this.

Embrace the Internet

Suning is just online, and not be optimistic about the industry, there are comments that a traditional retail-oriented enterprises can not adapt to the rhythm of the Internet.

Suningyun vice Chairman Weimin in the media interview said: "2009 easy to buy online, the original concept of more narrow, that the lack of online channels to do one." We are increasingly feeling that the line will eventually be integrated. "

June 8 this year, Suning line stores and online Tesco officially realize the same price. Everywhere in the store "double line price, the whole network parity" of the signs, PC, pad and other equipment opened for customers real-time parity. Suning will be online under the fusion of "a company, two windows", sharing inventory, logistics, information and services, such as background resources. This is tantamount to a whole transformation of its own hematopoietic function. From supply chain management, logistics construction, after-sales service, information technology, micro to sales staff training and brainwashing, Suning has at least six months to prepare.

But Su Ning's offline network resources adjustment is not painless. In the future, suning in the physical shop layout will focus on the transformation of the Super Shop, flagship store mode of transformation, those who have a narrow radiation range of stores will be closed.

These movements are also regarded as suning appliance after the beginning of the strategy after the renewal. February 2013, "Suning Appliance" officially renamed "Suningyun Business", the company's structure also with the overall adjustment, Su Ning built a headquarters management, Headquarters management, regional implementation of the three management levels, summed it up as "shop + Electric Business + retail service provider." The establishment of E-commerce, chain platform and commodity management three major headquarters, covering the entity products, content products, service products, three major categories of 28 business departments. The first half of this year, Suning has completed the organizational transformation, the past online, offline two companies, two systems, the synthesis of two platforms a company.

Suning Chairman Jindong In the internal speech pointed out that the future of the retail enterprises, not only online, not only online, must be the line under the perfect fusion, no line on the line, there is a better line.

O2O's Dream

And to Taobao, Beijing-east as the representative of the traditional electric business enterprises, Suning's biggest advantage naturally lies in its huge physical stores. So suning line the same price behind the actual landing is still O2O business model.

Suning's future physical store is no longer a simple physical store, and it has evolved into a new Internet storefront. Through the physical store to provide consumers with the display, experience and services, while with the convenience of online shopping combined. Two platforms share the same inventory, goods, logistics and services.

This let Su Ning had to introduce the corresponding assessment plan: first, the store within the radiation radius of the sales recorded in the store sales performance; second, store sales have more non-store display products (including online products) recommended to consumers, generate sales to give rewards. The purpose of this change is clearly to activate the enthusiasm of the grassroots sales staff to the maximum extent.

Su Ning is trying to accelerate the development of O2O by the Internet of physical stores. On the one hand, the physical store to provide consumers with the display, experience, services, and online shopping in the middle of the convenience of the organic combination of anytime, at the same time two platforms and share the same inventory, goods, logistics, services.

Last year's takeover of Red children will also play an important role in this change. July 10 Suningyun announced that red children will establish physical stores.

According to Suningyun, mother and infant beauty Makeup Business Department general manager Chen Yu introduced, from May 13 this year, Suning has in Beijing, Shanghai and other eight cities in the entity stores in the mother and infant beauty Makeup products Catalog Sales business. In these stores will have a shopping guide to consumers for related products recommended, consumers through suning easy to purchase mobile client scan two-dimensional code under the order, payment can be completed after suning logistics door-to-door. And the future will be built in the Red Child entity store in addition to selling maternal and infant beauty makeup products, but also will become a mother and baby interaction between the site.

The June electricity business World War dust settles, this announces electricity merchant's first half already past. In the first half, several major electric dealers in the price war has been convergence, but more choice of intensive cultivation, such as Ali layout rookie. This group of Suning senior executives may explain the confidence of Su Ning, but the old traditional retailer how to spend the throes of transition, still deserves attention.

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