Huayi Brothers stock market rally analyst gives overweight rating

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Huayi Brothers, the first mainland film and television company, yesterday released its first annual report after the gem listing. Although the annual report was flat, net profit was still up 24.22% from a year earlier, but the company's share price rose against the market. Huayi Brothers rose more than 7% yesterday, and the closing price of 64.6 Yuan also hit a new high since the IPO.  Meanwhile, the mainland's privately-owned film and television giant will be planning to launch 9 films this year, including two films. The company's main business rose nearly 50% annual reports disclosed, although did not eat to the 2009 lunar year film "Big Cake", but the Huayi brothers net profit is still increasing by 24.22% Year-on-year. Meanwhile, this year, the mainland's privately-owned film and television giant will be planning to launch 9 films, including two film films.  The annual financial data released yesterday showed that in 2009, Huayi Brothers achieved total operating income of 60,413, 770,000 Yuan, up 47.59% from a year earlier, with a total profit of 11,540 340,000 yuan, a 37.49% per cent increase over a year earlier, and a net profit of 8,455.260,000 Yuan for the company's shareholders.  Huayi Brothers said that during the reporting period, the company's main business receipts increased by 48.48% over a year earlier. According to the annual report, the earnings of the company's TV dramas and their derivative businesses in 2009 were about $280 million, a sharp increase of 163.73% over a year earlier, and the annual report also revealed that Huayi Brothers ' films earned about 201 million yuan in 2009, down 12.26% from the previous year.  In this respect, the company said, this is mainly because the company does not have a lunar film screening caused. Analysts gave an overweight rating in the annual report, and Huayi Brothers announced a 2010-year business development plan, among them, in the most market-focused film business, the company plans to release in 2010 a total of 9 films, respectively, has been released in the 2010 Spring Festival, "The whole city in Love" and will be launched by the "Informant", " "Song and Dance Youth", "Aftershock Earthquake", "Detective Dee's Empire of Babel" and so on.  2009 years did not partition to the Lunar New Year file film cake of Huayi Brothers in 2010 will launch the "Xin Shaolin Temple" and "non-prudential Don't Disturb 2" two film. Yesterday, the East China Sea Securities analyst Kangzhiyi, Zheng to Huayi Brothers to increase the rating, they said, in the three-net integration of the specific plan, regardless of the specific plan, the quality and quantity of the distribution pipeline will benefit the content provider certainty.
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