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Mastering it commanding heights is not directly equivalent to earning income.  But if this cannot be done, even if it occupies the core position, it is like having no good weapons in hand and unable to cope with the competition under severe conditions. Watch Mobile Internet This drama can be found in the Internet companies to the telecommunications operators "seize power", "take the money" process, there is a singular landscape: data flow from the hands of telecom operators rushing through, but the income was taken away by internet companies. In the telecom and Internet connection, the Internet to the telecommunications from the boss to the accounting, money rushing to hand, but which one does not belong to themselves.  In the end, operators only earn a flow fee, the equivalent of pipeline wages, it grasps the pipeline, users can not change this situation. The secret of this phenomenon is that Internet enterprises set up a layer of data core business between flow pipeline and Internet value-added service revenue faucet, which has retained the revenue stream generated by data increment.  And it is the key technical means of interception.  Therefore, the research of it commanding heights in mobile Internet becomes the compulsory course to grasp the initiative trend of the whole mobile internet. It revenue's logical mobile Internet it is important because it is related to revenue.  Before analyzing the It commanding heights, you should first understand the difference between IC revenue logic and it revenue logic.  IC and IC based telecommunications business mainly based on traffic charges (monthly only according to the overall flow charges), and it and based on it data services mainly based on service charges. Before the advent of mobile internet, it was not charged by service, but by product (including product license). Cloud computing represents a fundamental shift in the IT industry from the product industry to the service sector, changing the revenue logic of it.  The basic revenue model for the formation of IAAS (infrastructure as a service), PaaS (platform as a service), SaaS (software as a service), that is, product free and service charge.  From the IT vendors who dominate the mobile internet, the leading manufacturers all agree with the revenue logic, except that the Microsoft family is still resisting (Microsoft advocates "cloud plus", that is, services and products at both ends). From this background, we can see that the focus of it in mobile Internet is above I, P and S. Who has the core technology, whether through independent research or acquisitions, investment, alliances and cooperation, has the power to retain revenue from data services. This is not an issue that cannot be, but a question of not being. Tencent, for example, is the P (Platform, specifically ASP platform) level of it, through this platform flow of data, its flow of income to telecommunications, and service income to Tencent.  This belongs to one of the PAAs (QQ this p itself does not charge, through the Internet value-added service charges). Key IT components in mobile Internet 1. The main difference between the IT data infrastructure in IAAS and the telecommunications infrastructure is that the former is equivalent to processing, which is equivalent to trade. The same is the data flow, the telecommunications pipeline just moved it to move, does not add value, only to make a cost, and IaaS is likeWorks, value-added factories and facilities, can be "water" (data) processing into "mineral water", "beer" and other more valuable things. The data infrastructure of mobile Internet should be seen from both cloud and end.  On the one hand is the cloud services, mainly related to IDC and its branches, storage, etc. on the other hand, terminal computing (not refers to the client or Microsoft's "end"), mainly related to Java computing. 1 to see it judgment from the detour of telecom operators WAP (server-side computing) and Java (Local computing) are two different technical routes, which have a profound impact on the trend of mobile internet. WAP is used by operators in the early stage, which reflects the lack of strategic judgment of it. WAP is just a copy of the PC Internet browser mode, it can not adapt to the open environment and multiple operating systems this mobile internet trend.  Operators do not see through localized coding and decoding the strategic significance of mobile data is that wireless Java can be used on different chips and mobile operating systems to implement application downloads. The actual test, Google relies on open source code and Java Open route, is acquiring Symbian and Apple's competitive advantage. Forced Symbian and Apple to somehow open up their systems, and from strategic offensive to strategic defense. Telecom operators have lost control of the core issue of it, it leads them away from the key points of IT strategy (such as the contention for Java platform standards or platforms, including EE, J2SM and Microdevices, and the proprietary protocols in API group standards) that are competing for top-class enterprise competition,  Also can not grasp the initiative of strategic defense, only tactical level response, so in the international competition in guerrilla state, strategically marginalized. 2 IDC will become the lifeline of the mobile internet IDC is here to refer to a series of architectures involving data cloud services, including IDC. Its role in the data economy is comparable to that of stingy (railways, highways, airports) to the real economy. IBM is more systematic in building IaaS. Relative to the IT line of grasp weak, operators on the cloud services are more important, such as Intel and China Telecom in the IaaS cooperation, China Mobile to IDC investment. This does not focus on this.  Just to mention, I think the future in the IDC on the telecom operators will not be the impact of radio and television, but foreign and private enterprises, the IT itself this aspect of the forefront of the concept of critical discrimination. 2, PAAs in it PAAs in the IT for operators, it can be said to be the commanding heights in the commanding heights, is the mobile internet run-off battlefield. This lack of it capacity, will be in the duel to draw the scabbard in the first moment of the second kill. Unfortunately, operators did not use their absolute advantage in capital and the market, put the necessary strength (like a much weaker than the big one to do so to reverse the tide of war), handed to it strong Internet enterprises to give up the Jiangshan. The writer Liu says life is long, but the key is a few steps. Operators in this decade.  Here are some of the IT essentials that carriers are weak in key points. 1 browsing platform: the equivalent of the main peak of mobile Internet, the leader of Google's strategic intent is "overwhelming": in the Next generation of technology (such as HTML5) level, bypassing the operating system, or even independent of the specific browser, directly provide the animation and video applications.  This is a redefinition of the "smart" mobile phone, and if the web dies, the mobile internet will shuffle again. 2 Middleware platform: The peak is equivalent to the mountain. The strategic trend is to replace the mobile OS via middleware platform. In this way, ordinary mobile phones will also have the ability of smartphones (such as software dynamic loading).  International attention should be focused on mobile virtual machines on the Java Based on the CDC (or CLDC), the domestic should pay attention to MediaTek VRE middleware platform exploration. 3 Component (widget) platform and API: This is the last bayonet when both soldiers rushed to the top of the mountain. The component originates from the Apple Computer plug-in tool--konfabulator, unexpectedly it is like QQ to become the potential. Apple is relying on this bayonet, tumbling Google's spirit; now Google can only rely on the strength of the fundamentals, bypassing the peaks to gnaw the whole mountain. Operators here, there are conditions to be on, no conditions to create conditions also to be on.  Shanghai Primeton is a connoisseur of this, and operators miss the opportunity to buy it cheaply.  The most important manufacturers of PAAs include Google (Google App Engine) and Salesforce ( 3, SaaS in the IT SaaS in the mobile Internet it is equivalent to the mountain to pick fruit.  The difference is that there is no IaaS, PAAs fire cover, only in the middle of the night to sneak in the corner of the mountain to pick the fruit (such as the apple "Jailbreak"), with IaaS, PAAs advantage, can swagger to pick the best fruit on the mountain. Relying on SaaS, the client's importance will be greatly reduced (which I am not optimistic about Microsoft "cloud + End" mode), users do not need to set up a client on the smartphone, direct access to services, to settle. Web games are built on this background (e.g. "Plant vs. Zombies").  In the future may prairie to various kinds of service up.  The foreign SaaS market includes Yahoo, Google (App Store APPS), Facebook (APPS) and Amazon, there are Alibaba, Baidu and Tencent in China. Of course, it's data core technology, ultimately to transform into the data core business, in order to finally complete the data revenue interception, so mastering it commanding heights, not directly equal to obtain income. But if this cannot be done, even if it occupies the core position, it is like having no good weapons in hand and unable to cope with the competition under severe conditions. For data core business issues, you can see the "Internet Weekly" in a series of large-scale projects in the incisive analysis. Skip here.
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