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I-doit 0.9.9-7 Release CMDB configuration Management database

I-doit is a CMDB (configuration management database) based on ITIL technology. It can document IT systems and their changes, define contingency scenarios for change, and display important information, and help ensure a stable and efficient it network operation. Because of its modular architecture, it can deploy functional add-on components and even develop extensions. CMDB definition CMDB--configuration Management database configuration management databases, storage and management enterprise ...

Red Flag Linux Desktop 6.0 User manual: Hardware configuration

In the "Hardware Configuration" contains a variety of computer hardware configuration management tools to ensure a variety of "> Hardware equipment normal operation." Hardware configuration 3.2.1 Sound card configuration Normally, the system is installed, the sound card should be able to emit sound. However, there are times when the sound card may not sound because of some configuration reasons, and the following configuration work is required. Double-click the "Sound ..." in the hardware configuration of the Control Panel.

How to reduce the number of php-cgi.exe processes and fastcgi+php5.3.3 configuration methods in IIS6

Intermediary transaction ">seo diagnose Taobao guest Cloud host technology lobby fastcgi optimization configuration fastcgi Optimizing configuration file Fcgiext.ini, It's in the%windir%\system32\inetsrv. We will try to configure it in two ways: fastcgi admin script fcgiconfig.js ...

How to Mix hypervisor configuration and its realization principle in OpenStack

Through this article, you will be able to understand how to do mixed Hypervisor configuration and the basic analysis of its implementation principle in OpenStack. In this paper, the author analyzes the principle of mixed Hypervisor scene in OpenStack with the actual development experience in Nova, and describes how to configure it in the actual application scenario. Typically, deployment in a OpenStack hybrid Hypervisor scenario has three key steps: Configure different Hypervi ...

Red Flag asianux Server 3 User's Guide: DHCP server configuration

This section describes the graphical configuration tool--rfdhcp for DHCP servers, which you can use to "> Management Servers, Shared networks, subnets, Hosts and groups. RFDHCP can configure most of the server's functionality. For features that are not supported by the Configuration tool, you can use the editor provided in the tool to manually edit DHCP profiles. Need to be in KDE environment ...

Graphical Web and FTP server security management configuration

Intermediary transaction SEO diagnosis Taobao guest Cloud host technology lobby Web and FTP server after the creation of good, but also need to conduct appropriate management to make the user's information security and effective access by other visitors.   Web and FTP servers are basically the same management, including some general management and security management, and here are seven key aspects. First, enable expired content to enable expired content is to be set to ensure that their site expired information is not released. When information on a user's web and FTP site is strong ...

Rethinking the security configuration of a Web site from a common web site intrusion process

Intermediary transaction ">seo diagnose Taobao guest cloud host technology Hall so-called TSE side can win, for stationmaster, want to know how to invade the website, will be in the site security has a deeper understanding, it is not easy to give others the opportunity, many times, many web site intrusion itself can be avoided, just because the webmaster negligence, will have such a loss. If you can complete the network well ...

Choose the right hardware configuration for your Hadoop cluster

With the start of Apache Hadoop, the primary issue facing the growth of cloud customers is how to choose the right hardware for their new Hadoop cluster. Although Hadoop is designed to run on industry-standard hardware, it is as easy to come up with an ideal cluster configuration that does not want to provide a list of hardware specifications. Choosing the hardware to provide the best balance of performance and economy for a given load is the need to test and verify its effectiveness. (For example, IO dense ...

Red Flag asianux Server 3 User's Guide: hardware configuration

In the "Hardware Configuration" contains a variety of computer hardware configuration management tools to ensure a variety of "> Hardware equipment normal operation." Hardware configuration 3.2.1 Sound card Configuration location: Control Panel → system configuration → sound card configuration under normal circumstances, when the system is installed, the sound card can be made sound, but sometimes because of some configuration reasons the sound card may be silent, then need to do the following sound card configuration ...

Linux System VPS Server Entry level Security Configuration Guide

Although Linux is more secure than Windows, some simple security configurations are necessary. There are a lot of tools on the Internet to scan your admin password with a dictionary, we can create some trouble and increase the possibility of being deciphered. Take a look at the entry level security configuration. First: Remote management port modifies SSH's landing port, and the default port is 22. Scan Dictionary Poor lift password They all start with the default. If you change the port to a 4-digit number, it greatly increases their difficulty and time. Edit SSH configuration with vi command ...

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