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Absrtact: The Internet trend is surging, is creating one after another business miracle, is about to step into the association how to do? Lenovo last felt the great impact of the Internet was in 2000, when the Lenovo Press could not resist, invested heavily to do FM365, the most

The internet trend is surging, is creating a business miracle after another, will enter the years of Lenovo how to do?

Lenovo last felt the great impact of the Internet was in 2000, when the Lenovo by the FM365, invested heavily to do the final drubbing and return. Since then, Lenovo focused on the PC industry, and at the end of 2004 acquired the IBM PC business, and finally achieved the world's first.

Now, another wave of mobile internet impact, the traditional PC manufacturers have a stronger impact: The former Giants Hewlett-Packard and Dell for the PC has been hearted to transform IT services, Acer has been a huge loss, the chairman Wang sadly dismissed.

Only Lenovo is spared, but it does not mean that Lenovo will be able to get through this difficult time. Despite the PC strategy, Lenovo's mobile product line has come a long way: Lenovo completed 1 million Tablet PCs and 20 million smartphone sales in fiscal year 2012/2013, while the 2013/2014 fiscal year is expected to grow to 10 million tablets and 50 million smartphones.

But this is still not enough to give the Lenovo chairman Yang a sigh of relief because he understands that the mobile Internet will bring new business models and experiences and potentially subvert the successful business model of the past. In a short time ago, he congratulated China's digital marketing team set up in the mail wrote: "A comprehensive transition to the Internet is our urgent goal." We need to quickly set up the business model of the Internet, products have a better Internet application experience, sales have a stronger Internet access, marketing to give full play to the characteristics of the Internet and means to consumers as the core, promote our products, promote our image. I will always pay attention to your efforts, at any time for your results point "praise!"" Come on! " He is about to enter the year of Providence, even using the typical internet word "point praise"!

According to Old Ji learned, Lenovo Institute has set up a number of different mobile internet products for the research and development team, synchronous Internet product development. Some time ago, Lenovo even specifically for the Millet model did a special study, to the Internet transformation of the urgent mood can be seen.

Can Lenovo succeed in the face of mobile internet? We must not underestimate the ability of traditional giants to learn. From FM365 Lenovo has learned enough to let Lenovo executives understand that to do innovative business, it is necessary to cut from the organizational structure and the matrix. To this end, Lenovo in early 2011 set up a senior vice President Liu June leader of the MID H (mobile interconnection and digital family business group), in tablets and smartphones to invest resources.

Lenovo also made some mistakes on smartphones, such as trying to all a cost-effective smartphone when it was released in May 2010, but soon found that Lenovo did not have the same genes as Apple. After taking office, Liu June quickly adjusted his direction and formulated a three-step strategy:

First on the scale, he was keenly aware of the explosive growth opportunities in the low-end market of China's smartphones, with the launch of a series of smartphone sales growing fast and becoming a No.1 in the 2000-dollar market. "The scale is very important, has the scale only then can apportion the cost, can do more research and development, can have the high quality spare parts." We have completed the goal of scale, the second largest in China, the world's fourth largest mobile phone brand. ”

Since 2012, Lenovo mobile phone began to take a second step-to expand the global market, the third step-to break the high-end market, the introduction of a separate high-end smartphone brand Lenovovibe, the current step is still to be seen success.

Meanwhile, Lenovo is building its own ecosystem around mobile devices. Lenovo's built-in "Le store" has become the most widely used store in the App Store for all handset makers, and "Le Security" has also been widely praised. The "Eggplant Express", a small team developed by Lenovo Institute, which is used to quickly transfer files between mobile phones and mobile phones and computers, has 35 million users and has entered various major application stores including the Millet application store. Old Ji also has been using this product, the document to really swish, and can be in the absence of WiFi in the harsh conditions to achieve fast transmission, is really a good product. If the future Lenovo can launch more such a good product, and Lenovo 50 million each year with the smart phone with the combination of Lenovo's comprehensive strength also can not be underestimated.

In addition, Lenovo has a great advantage that we all overlook, that is, the advantage of capital. At that time, Lenovo was relying on the acquisition of IBM, NEC, Medion, CCE and other manufacturers of the PC business to achieve a leapfrog development. In the future, why can't Lenovo make a bigger breakthrough on the mobile internet through mergers and acquisitions? You know, millet can launch millet TV, but also through the acquisition of more teams to achieve. Lenovo Group's brother company Capital, there is an investment in the field of TMT professional team. According to old Hebei understanding, June Lian Capital TMT investment team will meet with Lenovo Group CTO He Zhiqiang every month to discuss future investment direction and cooperation opportunities. Therefore, when Lenovo Group is bullish on a company or direction, it can be fully involved in the way of the Royal Joint Capital Investment, when the company proved the success of its business model, then by Lenovo Group to buy, so as to achieve great strides beyond.

As in today's film and television circles, we can see Chao, Wu, such as the Up-and-coming and handsome, they are like the rising millet as radiant. However, we can not ignore those who are active in the front-line, Jiang, Chen, Wuxiubo these uncles, they use superb skill to prove their strength.

Lenovo, this time the Internet must be caught!

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