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Abstract: The principle of commodity economy is freedom of trade, both sides abide by the spirit of contract. Property prices rose, before this bought a house consumers will not convert value-added assets to cash back to the real estate business, the same, real estate developers in order to promote the property play

The principle of commodity economy is freedom of trade, both parties abide by the spirit of contract.

Property prices rose, before this bought a house consumers will not convert the value added assets to the real estate business, the same, real estate developers in order to promote the sale of property discounts, the original price of the purchase of the consumer angry to the sales office to smash, but also unreasonable and illegal behavior.

Luo finally lost to sales pressure, slashed Smartisan T1 The price is criticized, and can not be equated with the price he pits those who start this mobile phone products consumers, also can not prove in the process of any fraud or violations.

An entrepreneur's slip of tongue is not a heinous thing, because no one can ever hold the truth at all times. The entrepreneur's public statement, usually only on behalf of his "Now" judgment, can not withstand the test of time, is a reasonable phenomenon, if you at 16 years old to the front row of the girl said will always love her, you can understand the difficulties of keeping your promise.

Yahoo China in 2007 launched a lifetime free mailbox, and this is dubbed "lifelong" service, in 2013 was permanently closed;

One of Twitter's co-founder Biz was adamant in a media interview in 2009 that Twitter would not advertise;

Zhou also in 2007 once declared 360 will not do antivirus software, after a year, 360 free antivirus on the ground, Lore market;

Mr Jobs was even more emphatic in asserting that "no one would want to buy a big-screen phone", after the iphone 6 was released, Samsung quoted Jobs ' comments on Twitter and humiliated Apple.


More cases, you can understand Wei in the "21st Century Business Review" opened a column called "Big Guy and boast", dedicated to collecting and sorting out the "bad checks" by well-known entrepreneurs, almost every name is Thunderclap. Another columnist, Yue, argues that businessmen do not face, preferring to accept the market's error-correcting guidance at the same time, bear the irony from the outside, is the rational progress.

However, from the theoretical region, in the actual situation, we must also admit that the credibility of the entrepreneur and the enterprise itself closely linked, an overdraft reputation of entrepreneurs, will cause consumers distrust of corporate goods. So in many industries, "price reduction subsidy" is an unnecessary but extremely important strategy, because marketing is not to debate right and wrong, but to please and balance the consumer's psychology, as far as possible to reduce negative emotions.

Luo to the sale of mobile phone before the user to provide subsidies, is next year will be available next model Smartisan T2 800 yuan voucher, or Hammer technology official mall 500 Yuan voucher (seems to be only in Smartisan T2 after the listing can be used). This approach, the maximum ease of the hammer technology may be caused by the cash flow pressure, but not too easy to get user recognition--smartisan T2 is not even the shadow of the present, no one can predict whether they will have the incentive to use the purchase voucher.

But that's not the point.

The deadliest injury, lies in Luo himself too publicity and buried many of the grudge, finally can not stop, just like the dam suddenly appeared in a gap like gushing out, Luo self-proclaimed with jobs "reality distortion field"-The term is from Apple's former software engineer Andy Hotsfield's book "Apple Past", Used to describe jobs ' powerful atmosphere for changing ideas--but he began to soften the T1 after Smartisan's fake sales of data, ridicule no longer common, and repeatedly said on Weibo that he was reflecting on the damage to the product.

The shift may be somewhat late.

Before and after the release of Smartisan T1, Luo taunt skills full, despise all with their personal opinions at odds with peers, netizens, but on the other hand, hammer technology investors have to help him clean up the mess behind the scenes, privately begged the media reporters "do not black." Hammer technology, a turnover PR also in a micro-letter group, said Luo can not listen to staff advice, meeting with him, like in English training class, the teacher on the podium, the bottom of the people do not have much interruption opportunities.

From a professional perspective of public relations, Luo is not the core problem--compared to Virgin Airlines founder Branson, the NBA Dallas Mavericks boss Library class are famous alternative entrepreneurs, they are not inferior to the maverick in the Luo-but, in particular, It's a big taboo for entrepreneurs to cut their bridges.

Luo's public words and deeds, there are probably two of inappropriate characteristics, one is to like to say, "If less than 2500, I am your grandson" is typical, the second is the language is particularly strong in the direction, even if the announcement of a clear-cut attitude, but also must obscure peer, highlighting "they are far less than I am smart" intention of expression. Luo's fans often equate these two traits with the whims, misconduct is not installed, but they--perhaps including Luo himself also in--all ignore the human is an emotional animal this common sense, can not always just you belittlin sentient beings, and not allow others to let you taste the taste of everyone.

For example, Luo once despised millet, the charm family, such as domestic mobile phone manufacturers "turtle", in the publicity only know stacking parameters, ignoring the essential needs of users, but you go to the Hammer Technology Day cat flagship store to see, Smartisan T1 Product Publicity posters also highlight Gaotong Dragon 801 processor, Sony 12.78 million megapixel camera, JD1 4.95-inch display, in addition to the copy design, there is not much vulgarity.

Most of the time, people hate an object, not the latter in a specific matter has a fault, but simply to be hated.

The face of hammer technology is often subjected to the media's unbiased attack treatment, "there's never been such a good product or brand, and it's been an example of living in a world where there's been such a massive misunderstanding, slander and slander," Luo said, in fact, in addition to hardcore users loyal to Luo who are committed to hammer technology. Luo and his hammer technology really "never" has been given the "good" this label (you may wish to go to Baidu, micro-blog search to try), people for the first reaction to hammer technology, I am afraid that is sitting on the powder barrel, the temperament of the fiery and sarcastic controversy founder.

In this price reduction incident, the early users of Hammer technology is the most miserable, they risked the greatest risk of trust, the highest cost to support the Luo's personal work, but one of them said to me today, took out 3000 dollars when the people when the stupid, dry waiting for the delivery when the people when the stupid force, Get mobile phone after finally slowly began to accumulate superiority, straight 1000 yuan of news and let oneself suffer from friends look at the silly force of sympathetic eyes.

Smartisan T1 previously insisted that the high-priced route (in the domestic handset camp) was largely based on its added value, the stunning experience of Luo, which, in turn, provided market expectations for high prices, and consumers would try to accept the pricing in a "value for money" measure-and, of course, Do not accept the natural went away, the commercial return of any product, is whether it attracts consumers to reach their cost or strategy to match the scale--with the ridicule on Weibo, this is a "sentiment premium", we in the exchange with some hammer powder, will also jokingly ask if the "feelings", How much do you think Smartisan T1 worth?

In other words, hammer technology, a large number of users, attributes are inspired by the spirit of Luo, and the hardcore fans who choose to believe in and act in support of their cause-the so-called "you are serious, we help you win"-but when Luo begins to correct his mistakes, the first sacrifice, is this group of people, early buy a loss, late buy benefit, This phenomenon, is still the hammer technology under the dumping and can not digest the pressure, is Luo as an entrepreneur facing a big exam.

Yesterday, a lot of people in Weibo forward this sentence: "If you are a businessman, purely for the sake of money, generous money of course there is no bad, but always dressed in the idealism of the cloak, to create their own very noble and pure is too hypocritical, I hate hypocrisy, I think who wrote to scold Luo, As it turned out, it was Luo's words to scold Mr Yu when he left New Oriental in 2006.

The world always mocks people who are deep in mud.

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