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Tencent Technology July 8 reported

Today, Luo Yonghao hammer cell phone will be officially on sale. However, as early as three days ago, Luo Yonghao once said on Weibo that no more than 1,000 units will be shipped on the first day of July 8, and the reason is that Foxconn's production line can not meet the high requirements of its own handset quality.

Obviously, this figure has been ridiculed LuoYongHao other phone supply problems slightly embarrassed, according to mobile phone foundry industry sources, mass production of mobile phones need to communicate with the production line for dozens of days in advance, and arrange production plan, the hammer head The number of units in Taiwan also shows that the company was not confident in its own sales volume or simply had insufficient cash flow.

Hammer cell phone testing machine on the work of the former point of view, even if the quality standards and then raise some, this price of 3,000 high-end phones in hardware far from achieving a powerful production line Foxconn embarrassed.

Good marketing is Luo Yonghao's strengths, but today the mobile phone industry can rely on marketing to make up for the lack of supply chain management capabilities is still unknown. Hammer, the problem of not quickly solve the production capacity, it will be hard to attract ordinary consumers outside of Wing-ho wait for it.

The order quantity determines the final output

According to industry sources to Tencent technology, the yield is not high, certainly not the most important issue of insufficient hammer production. Larger may be the problem of hammer orders. Because in general, the foundry's production capacity and the number of business orders have a direct relationship, the foundry will be based on the needs of different manufacturers to advance supply of materials and scheduling production line, the first service for the single is the industry's norm.

According to Canalis analyst Wang Jingwen speculation, hammer mobile phone these orders will not exceed the amount of 100,000. And, Luo Yonghao the first day of delivery should also be a few days of production accumulation, rather than the capacity of the factory one day. Wang Yang, director of China Research at IHS iSuppli, also said that after the initial problem of yield was gradually exposed and improved, the output of hammer technology could be brought forward.

The resulting new problem is how long does it take to commission a production line? For the time being it is difficult to achieve the desired state in the short term, because Luo Yonghao still can not control the production pace. Although he said that it would go into normal production within a week or two after he said in the Weibo, he later explained that a factory production plan would result in products of different (memory) capacities being random in delivery time.

It can be inferred that due to less pre-orders and more cautious next orders, resulting in foundries or only willing to arrange a single production line. In order to meet Luo Yonghao claimed "demanding workmanship", resulting in the final sales volume deficiencies.

Small mythical marketing myths hammer

Hammer after early supply problems, will increase the amount of orders to ensure capacity? In GfK China, the latest statistics on the retail sales of handset sales monitors 30,000 monthly sales, while the hammer handsets rank around 70. Luo Yonghao said the production line transferred to the ideal state, its monthly sales of only 45,000. This may raise the hammer handset a few times, but far from its main competitor.

On the other hand, the market price of more than 3,000 yuan is not much. In addition to Wang Yang had previously estimated that this market share in 2014 was only about 8%, the bigger problem is that with the listing of the new iPhone in September, the brand in this market will face enormous pressure from Apple.

From the hardware point of view, the hammer cell phone did not flaunt the price, but stressed the partners. Luo Yonghao at the time of product release, also repeatedly talked about its products and competitors using the same product or technology. But this does not endorse the performance of hammer cell phones.

Take video solutions as an example. At the press conference, Mr. Luo talked about his cooperation with Fujitsu. He said he hoped to adopt the best products so he found the solution Milbeaut Mobile to Samsung S4 Europe (9505). But Luo Yonghao did not say how the hammer cell phone using the program and the Samsung phone is much different.

Wang Yun, director of Fujitsu's marketing department, said Fujitsu's hardware chipset will not be customized, but the software and services will be deeply customizable, so each vendor will not get the same solution, because each vendor's product Different positioning, such as focus on night shooting or face Selfie.

Another example is sound quality. Luo Yonghao adopted the same strategy, emphasizing that only by Texas Instruments chip to achieve a Vivo Hi-Fi phone with almost identical frequency response curve, but then led to the industry questioned.

Vivo product manager Han Bo Xiao said HiFi is a complete solution, hammer cell phone using the top op amp chip out of the sound of the tappet is good, but there is no matching decoding, so the sound quality will be worse.

In fact, Luo Yonghao emphasized Texas Instruments, is only one of the mainstream manufacturers in this area, although it covers the high school low-end product line, but its lower productivity, however, Wang Yun said that unlike processors such as GPUs, the image and Audio solutions are hard to come by because most are custom made.

Hammer mobile phone status is currently less production, high prices, it is naturally easy to think of hunger marketing. However, Wang Jingwen believes that the hammer cell phone is difficult to rely on this way to obtain the desired effect, because consumers have many alternatives to choose from.

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