Many central enterprises listed out of the industry said there is no direct impact on house prices

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A number of central enterprises listed "Check-out" Industry said there is no direct impact on the price of the 78 central enterprises to submit "Check-out" program "Deadline" still have a few days, as the central enterprise "Check-out" channel of property rights trading agencies, there are only a few 4 companies listed transfer equity.  However, there was news yesterday that the Beijing property exchange revealed that recently there have been a number of central enterprises with the north to make in-depth contacts, the initial agreement to cooperate, the future may appear a peak, the central enterprises of large-scale "evacuation" action in 3-6 months to reach the outbreak of the transaction. The central enterprise buys is the ground Wang privately owned enterprise sells is the Lou Wang to "The repaying order" to the land market and the real estate market to have how big influence, the outside world seems to be not optimistic, it is generally believed that 78 central enterprises exit, land funds in a short period of time will be low tide, also can not avoid the emergence of king, even if there is no central enterprise, private enterprises will take the King's stick, In the suppression of house prices, there will be no embodiment.  As the king of the Earth shone, the house price rose.  Yin Chengli, deputy director of the Financial Research Institute of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, said that in line with the "repaying order" of the 78 central enterprises of the real estate business is small fish shrimp, and the other 16 of the real estate business is the real big alligator, is the key.  As a central enterprise, Poly Group vice-president, Guangzhou company general Manager Yu said that ten years ago, the State Council SASAC has begun to let the central enterprises exit the real estate sector, the recent opportunity to mature, the policy was introduced. Yu also stressed that the central enterprise to buy is the king, private enterprises to sell the king, "this one is to buy, one is to sell, so high prices in the end who caused should be at a glance." "He takes Shanghai Beach as an example: At present Shanghai house price exceeds 100,000 yuan/square metre mansion has 13 real estate," Excuse me this 13 super Mansion's developer is the central enterprise or the private enterprise? ' North Canton Deep ' the most expensive property of the top 10 developers are central or private enterprises?  "In Yu view, even if the 78 central enterprises have withdrawn, China's overall economic structure has not been adjusted well, the next step will be the king of private enterprises." 78 Central Enterprises exit, whether can directly affect the price? The industry has a negative attitude. "Central Enterprises in Beijing to shoot the king, whether the Guangzhou, Shenzhen or other places in the impact of housing market prices, I think is not." Of course, if the appearance of the king of the city and this area may have a direct impact, the university city before the film more than 9,000 yuan, will certainly affect the surrounding projects. "Source: Yangcheng Evening News reporter Zhaoyanhua Intern Tan
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