"Master of Rhythm" high score skill introduction and high grade gain

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"Master of Rhythm" is a music game that adds a sliding screen operation to the rhythm of traditional percussion notes. Small knitting here to tidy up the rhythm of the master strategy, so that you enjoy the music game at the same time to get more points. One, the rhythm master plays in the game, the player may follow the music rhythm and the melody with the finger clicks above the screen to drop the note, thus obtains the score. The notes fall in different shapes, and the player gets high points by clicking, scrolling and twisting the different notes falling above the screen. Second, the rhythm of high points of the strategy 1, familiar with the rhythm of the song Rhythm master pay attention to the rhythm of the music beat to hit the fall of the note, therefore, the players want to get high points in the process of the game will be familiar with this song, can be in the music beat accurately click on the 2, both hands to invite small partners to play Rhythm Master this game is divided into four keys, five keys and six-key mode, the Master players want to challenge the difficulty of the song will need both hands to operate, you can control three keys to each other, to achieve division of work, sighted. Of course, the player who wants to get the rank can also invite your small partner to help to reach the realm of God general cooperation. 3, operating skills to grasp the perfect player encountered long key to press the end, you can get more combo points. In the song to meet the horizontal lengthening key to pay attention to the accurate timing of clicks, to get more perfect, encountered zigzag key to quickly turn the finger to follow the bending key to go. 4, High score evaluation standards need accuracy Rhythm Master game want to get high score, the accuracy of the finger clicks is the key, this requires the player in the process of handling the feeling, musical sense and Yanmingshoukuai rhythm. Here small make up to remind the player, the song speed of the game will not affect your score, that is, the speed just makes the note falling fast, will not change the score of each key. But the speed at which the notes fall can lead to a player's grasp of the key's accuracy, thus affecting the final score. Third, first of all, how to play 3S Evaluation bar: 1. The whole company must be full perfect. Haha I said a nonsense--!2. Lengthen the key to press the end, ahead of the batter will be less. 3. As shown in a song, there are many groups of elongated keys that end in a horizontal pull, the key is in the horizontal pull here, the general batter will be less in this place. So when you encounter a little more attention, to be accurate, early batter will be less. It's going to turn into a great!. The above three points are required to 3S! Hey, it is very simple, is for the 3S evaluation of distressed shoes with the first to find a low difficulty song test. Out of the 3S to come back to the top oh. Master, please disregard. Four, then said the score of < Rhythm Master, welcome like to fight high points of the same shoes reference: Perfect and combo are more than friends, but the score is lower than friends. I believe there are a lot of same shoes have this situation, very confused. This is actually < The score of the rhythm Master determines the problem. The good will not be said. A note in the perfect, according to the accuracy of the different score of 4Same: Combo 1--20 is likely to get a maximum of 200 points, then 183 points, 173 points, 163 points, the batter reached 21--50 is likely to get a maximum of 332 points, then 302 points .< Other decisions because of limited energy currently not detailed; Then 426 points, 406 points .< Other decisions because energy is limited at present not detailed; The combo starts with 101, it's possible to get a maximum of 600 points, then 549 points, then 489 points, 459 points. See here all understand, in fact, want to get a high score 3S evaluation is secondary, accuracy is the most important, especially after the combo reached 101, the difference between the decision is very big. The words are musical, feel, play. With the above data, we can calculate the highest score of each song. For example < Beethoven virus Notes Total 910: Combo 1--20 (20 notes) full Mark 4000,21--50 (30 notes) full Mark 9960, 51--100 (50 notes) full Mark 23300, 101--910 (810 notes) full Mark 486000.4000 9960 23300 486000=523260< the highest score of the virus is 523260 points oh. The same shoes with high score quickly go to try how much worse, how to play it!
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