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Since the launch of the Android phone, it has quickly been popular among mobile users with its convenient operation, and the initial Android phone user's knowledge of Android apps is limited to mobile internet and social functions, such as QQ, microblogging, flying and so on. With the new upgrade of Android phone, the game this plate becomes the important function of mobile phone plate. It has also changed the limitations of playing games offline. With the change of the Times, the game as a kind of good recreational activities also began to integrate into people's attitude to life, but no longer a pure way to pass the time before.

Because of the increasingly powerful mobile phone function, more and more people began to prefer to play mobile phone games, which makes mobile phone games become the most unsaturated mobile application industry, the most open market and the most important direction of development. Many mobile app developers are starting to catch on to the market, adding a variety of mobile games to mobile gaming apps, based on internet and social functions.

According to a news report, 91 mobile phone assistants and the Android Market, the two major mobile applications, from the autumn of 2011 to the spring of 2012, the two platforms generated more than 1.6 billion Android mobile applications, nearly a year ago, With 330,000 of mobile phone users downloading Android apps, Android tablet apps download and development show a fast-growing trend. The two-way drive of mobile phone users and developers has led to an explosion in the Android app market.

As an Android application market, the central power of mobile gaming applications, its share of the download ratio is conceivable. According to an Android games professional download website-2265 android Games Download network ( users download the game software survey showed that most mobile phone users are more pro-pop in the current popular can be popular games, especially after the college entrance examination, the site began a new upsurge in the market, the site registered users suddenly It increased by nearly 30%, and the download of the game also exceeded the download amount of the Life application software. And keep up the trend of rising.

In addition, a reporter from the 2265 android game Download Network ( part of the mobile game download users understand and found that the majority of people are more concerned about mobile phone game application of this piece, the game application is not only most young people, especially students friend of the most popular mobile phone application software.

Industry insiders also said Android mobile applications are at the peak of development, mobile phone game application trend is just beginning to hot, its market is still very large, the future of Android phones, mobile gaming applications as the mobile phone market Development center, will be expected to exceed the mobile phone online communication and social software downloads.

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