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Event triggers for computer programs depend on input devices, such as the mouse and keyboard. and mobile phone programs also have a variety of ways to operate, such as the ordinary keyboard, full keyboard and touch gestures. The quality of the operation directly determines the user experience of the application.

left soft key often corresponds to the "menu" option in the interface. The right soft key often corresponds to the "return" option in the interface. The end key can be forced out of the program. Number keys, * number keys, and # keys can also be used as shortcut keys for program operations. The left soft key, the right soft key, the directional key, and the OK key are the most commonly used keys to define how the application operates. Volume keys, home keys, return keys, power keys, camera keys and call keys belong to individual mobile phone operation buttons, rarely used to define how the application operates. The arrow keys can be four entity buttons, joystick and trackball. Normal key number Key Name key value (decimal) 1 Number key 0482 number key 1493 digit key 2504 digit key 3515 digit key 4526 digit key 5537 digit key 6548 digit key 7559 digit key 85610 digit key 95711* number key 11912# Number key 12013 Volume increase key 11714 volume reduction key 11815 left soft key 11216 right Soft key 11317 confirm key 1318 direction key-3819 direction key-down 4020 direction key-left aggregation/10945.html ">3721 Direction key-right 3,922 first page key 9123 return key 2724 end key 11525 call key 11426 camera key 13527 power button 196

Full keyboard

For applications, a full keyboard can increase the speed of the input character, but has little impact on the operation.

Touch Gesture

The advantages of touch gestures: to achieve a variety of operating methods, users can feel and equipment connection intuitive feelings, this is the mouse and other input devices can not match.

The disadvantage of touch gestures: mouse operation can be accurate to 1 pixels, and touch gestures to be limited to a larger area, such as the iphone recommended value of 44x44 pixels.

Light hit

Two responses were raised by a light stroke:

Show the touch indication when the

finger is pressed. Executes the event when the finger leaves.

In addition, tapping a screen outside the virtual keyboard can end character input.

Double click

Double-click to enlarge or shrink the image.


Panning can raise two responses:

The contents of the interface move along the direction of the finger translation. The location of the move option. Flick

The flick is a quick translation, and the contents of the interface move along the direction of the finger flick.

Pinch and stretch

The proximity and distance of two fingers can be scaled to display content.

Continuous Touch

Continuous touch allows you to display menus or options on the interface.

In addition, the iphone also has a swipe touch gesture to display the Delete button in the table view. But the keystrokes require the user to learn and remember this special action, and the user can also tap the Edit button to do the same. To ensure that the program is easy to use, try to limit the application's touch gestures to "swipe" and "Pan".

Gravity Induction

The IPhone's built-in direction sensor reacts to the action. When the IPhone is shifted from straight to landscape, the direction sensor detects movement and changes the screen display. So you can immediately see the full width of the page, to the appropriate height-to-width ratio to enjoy the photos, or only action to control the game. For example, the iphone version of QQ can use gravity sensors to quickly switch display mode: Standard mode, outdoor mode and night mode.


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