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More Play number center, find number to play more!  FAQ's Activation Code FAQ's FAQ's Amoy Number FAQ's Book FAQ I don't know what to do. FAQ Activation Code Q1: What is the activation code for? A: Before the new game is open, game development or operators will recruit some players to take the lead in the game test by activating code, so as to reflect the lack of the game.  Players involved in the new game test need to activate the account with activation code to enter the game, which is the role of activation code.  Q2: What are the requirements for receiving the activation code? A: Do not need any additional conditions, use the multi-play pass landing Http://ka. on the activation code you need to receive.  Q3: Where to pick up the activation code?  A: Enter the Http:// to find the game click to pick up the activation code.  Q4: Test the activation Code of the game is the application can get? A: For each player, test the game's activation code has a certain probability to get.  The specific probability depends on the number and status of the game.  Q5: A game can apply several activation code? A: For now, we have a test game Activation code application limit for each more than 1 times pass.  Only one activation code can be obtained per person.  Q6: If the activation code has been sent out, but I need, how to do?  A: In this case, please wait patiently for the activation code to enter the "Amoy" status (after the activation code issued six hours after the system automatically opened), through the Amoy number, you can read the activation code of all the card number, you can take a chance to try these activation codes are used by other players.  Q7: I got the activation code, but why did I use the prompt when I activated it? A: The activation code we send is guaranteed to be available.  If you encounter this problem, it should be that you do not activate in time, resulting in the card into the Amoy number after the other players to use.  Q8: What time should I activate my number?  A: We strongly recommend that you activate the activation code the first time you receive it.  FAQ's Novice Card Q1: What is the Novice card for?  A: You can redeem the prizes in the game with a novice card.  Q2: What are the conditions for getting a novice card? A: Do not need any additional conditions, use the multi-play pass landing Http://ka. on the activation code you need to receive.  Q3: Where to pick up a new card?  A: Enter the Http:// to find the game click to pick up the activation code.  Q4: Is the Novice card available for application? A: As long as the new card and inventory, you can be 100% to be able to use the novice card. A handful of new cards excepted (small quantity, high value)。  Q5: A new game card, how many tickets can I get? A: For now, we limit the application of a new card to a game for each more than 1 times a pass.  Each person can only pick up a new card.  FAQ Amoy Q1: What is Amoy number?  A: The so-called Amoy, like gold in the sand, so that all the people who need to see the number we have sent.  Q2: Why Amoy? A: The number of accounts will always be smaller than the number required. However, some players get the account is not used, resulting in a great waste, in order to allow more players to experience the game, so set the Amoy system.  As a result, there are a number of game-issued test numbers and game cards have unused, available for the needs of the player "Amoy."  Q3: What are the advantages of Amoy? A: No restrictions, if you want to play a game, but also suffer from not so lucky to get the account activation code, then Amoy number it!  Each player will be able to see all of the active or novice card Q4: When can I get the Amoy number? A: Any game account activation code after being received by other players, whether or not activated, six hours after will enter the Amoy area. (except for some account/activation code with specific activation time)! Any account that is received but not activated or used within 6 hours (or within a specified period of time) will be considered as the user's active waiver of the right to use.  In order to maximize the use of resources, we will be placed in the Amoy area for other users to Amoy this number.  Q5: Where is the Amoy number?  A: Click the button to Amoy.  Q6: Is the Amoy number sure to get the available account/activation code? A: We have to tell you, this is a bit of luck, we only provide the opportunity, as to whether there is a can use the number, but also need your own inspection. We can't guarantee any chance we can get. It's a game that needs luck. Our intention is not to deceive the user, but to maximize the use of resources.  We believe that to play Amoy number of users, must be to play the game users, plus a little luck, you will have some harvest.  FAQ Reservation Q1: What is a reservation? A: As the name suggests, anyone who plays the game network can make reservations by booking function, before any one of the allowed subscriptions begins to be released.  Participants in the booking will be the first time to get more play activation code to pick up information (through the station forum SMS and YY, etc.) Q2: Where to book?  A: In the top navigation "booking" option, select the game you want to make a reservation.  Q3: Can I get the activation code I want if I make a reservation? A: Frankly, the release of the activation code is determined by the manufacturer, but we will try to win more activation code for the player, so the more players we subscribe to, the stronger our voice will be.  We cannot guarantee that all players will eventually get the activation code, but we can promise to play with the manufacturer for the benefit of every player.  Q4: What are the benefits of booking an activation code in advance? A: The player participating in the booking will be the firstTo get more play activation code to collect information (through the forum SMS and YY, etc.), if the number of players involved in booking, more play will also apply to manufacturers more game privileges for the benefit of the player.  Q5: How can I make a reservation?  A:1, landing more play pass, in click on the corresponding game booking button 2, landing YY3.1 above the version, in the "My Game Privileges" select "New Travel reservations" on the game Activation Code Booking FAQ I do not know where to do A: If you do not know more about the platform, or you have better comments or suggestions, message portal Http://, your questions will be resolving the first time.
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