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As early as 2008, 3D Godfather John Carmack said, only the iphone can represent the development direction of the most advanced productivity. When the QuakeCon conference was convened in August this year, Carmack also demonstrated the iphone version of Rage, which is known as the iphone 4 can run at 60FPS full frame rate, killing the Xbox or PS2 in seconds.  As a result, a bunch of fogies jumped out of the last generation to question, and now Kamak himself out to hit their faces. Yesterday, ID Soft's much-anticipated 3D "Rage" iphone transplant has officially landed at Apple's App Store online, with all but the first generation of iphone, ipod Touch and ipad that can preempt the 100%  Squeeze dry iOS device hardware graphics CPU top 3D game artwork. iphone HD Version "Rage HD" screenshot: "Rage HD" screen effect needless to say, after all, it is a birth to the iOS screen to go to the throne of the game. Normal mapping, dynamic lighting, after processing depth, many mobile phones unheard of 3D effect in the ID TECH5 mobile phone version of the perfect embodiment of the engine.  Messy ruins, mottled shadows, zombie body as the general texture of the glial, every frame of view of the picture are desperately eating your iphone all the resources.  Based on a preemptive player review, "Rage HD" through the screen of the direction of the key or tilting the phone itself to turn, but without the mouse keyboard, the end of the gun swept a little bit of a rush-after all, the game has a bunch of three glasses of large intestine hanging around the neck of the guy waiting to kill you. Here are two demo videos, and if any ungrateful guy in front of you shows off his android/psp/ds "Mighty 3D Performance", don't hesitate to open your iphone and run rage hd--believe me, you'll find the muscles that twitch from the corner of his eye, Then hear the voice of the chin dropped on the ground: Iphone:ipad: No matter from the picture atmosphere or the game, "Rage HD" evaluation is quite good, the only regret is that the process is too short-a total of three mark, if you are not the choice of abnormal difficulty each will not consume you more than 15 minutes,  The whole game takes you 40 minutes at most, which is a bit too short--maybe the iphone version of Rage HD is just showing the ID Tech 5 engine's effect on the mobile device and its application, and Carmack uncle is selling the engine, not the game. There are two versions of the Rage, the SD edition priced at $0.99, to support the iphone 4/3gs/3g,ipod touch Second/three/Side and the ipad. The HD Edition "Rage HD" is priced at $1.99, optimized for the iphone 4, four-generation ipod Touch and the ipad's high-resolution screen, but it also works on the iphone 3GS, but does not guarantee absolute fluency. itunes buys the address point here. (Digging the shell net)
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