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5 "Sohu It News" (Fang) September 17 News, the founder of the Shanhu game today confirmed the company will be involved in the game agent rumors. He said that the annual agent 3-5 games, a single game payment agent fee is not less than 10 million yuan of agent gold, do not set a ceiling. It is understood that, based on the current situation of card games flooding, the future of Excellence game will be preferred not card-type games, such as fighting sports, RPG and so on. Shanhu revealed that the excellent game hope that through this, on the one hand, can give domestic gamers more like "My name is Mt" such a boutique game, but also to help the domestic hand tour developers put a good mobile game to meet with the players, rather than die in the absence of distribution resources. Shanhu said that the current excellent game through the "My name is Mt" has accumulated a wealth of operating experience, but also with the domestic channels accumulated a good relationship of cooperation, which is the important prerequisite for its distribution platform. He believes that a good game distribution platform must have the following genes: 1, to obtain a large number of mobile phone games new users 2, the introduction of high-quality mobile games, screening and selection of which is suitable for their own platform for the outstanding game to put 3, guide developers to improve conversion rate, reduce ARPU value, maintain the user's pleasure 4 Through the analysis of their own users, pushed to the user's favorite Game 5, always to improve the retention of users as a long-term goal, and constantly adjust the rules to tie in the short-term income pressure and long-term growth between the adjustment to achieve balance. 6, the continuous tracking analysis of user information and behavior changes, statistics and summary, and the developer proposed product development optimization recommendations.
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