National Autumn grain Harvest has been over 60% acquisition price favorable for farmers to increase income

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Anhui Province, Huoqiu County rice industry, the grain acquisition point, more than 20 large and small transportation of food vehicles lined up a long team, the cooperative farmers with the enterprise signed orders contract to sell food. Huoqiu County Paradise Village farmer Wang Peiquan: Last year (rice) sold nine cents four or nine cents five, the highest nine cents six, this year sold 1.08 yuan, my home 20 acres to increase production of more than thousands of kg, a year and more income several thousand dollars, and increase production prices are high, now do not pay the money, the state has subsidies, satisfactory satisfaction! "The big grain He Wenhua just sent 60,000 pounds of grain:" There is a car did not pull. Reporter: When will the money get the hand? He Wenhua: I can do it tonight. "Staff:" The tare is removed to come here to checkout. The farmer can get the money on the same day, and if he needs us, we can hit him in the bank card. The highest 350 tonnes per day, the highest peak of the yard is (car), even the doorway and highway are. "Reporter in Anhui, Heilongjiang, Henan and other land interviews found that this year, rice, corn and other crop market prices far higher than the state announced the purchase price.  As a result of the increase in the security of policies and funds, farmers can really turn the harvest into income. (voice of China, China Broadcasting Network jointly launch news clues to provide a platform, you can send news clues to the mailbox: We will be the first time to send reporters to investigate the incident, report the facts, uncover the truth. )
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