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The new blue-collar workers enjoy the best growing environment (excluding air) and social resources since the founding of the nation, as well as the higher levels of competition and pressure. This group has initially shown a multipolar trend: for example, Media Ma Jiajia, Yu Jiawen, such as young "elite", is living under the spotlight light of a very few, except the step-by-step small white-collar workers, the more need to be concerned about is from the three lines, four line or even five or six line areas, a large number of in the workshop assembly line, construction sites, New blue-collar workers zaotang the kitchen.

According to a February 2015 survey by Bai, new blue-collar workers are finding jobs that are more in love with the Internet.

1, no longer a "broken generation"

Recently, classified information site Bai for the new Blue collar statistical analysis: once known as the collapse of the generation, has begun to enter the workplace, gradually play a new role, the minority of them, seize the business pulse of entrepreneurship, for their own work, this group of people are rare; some "jungle" of the top, Continue to enter large and medium-sized Chinese and foreign enterprises and institutions, play the role of small white-collar, continue to jungle the road; at the bottom of the pyramid, is a huge new blue-collar group, in the manufacturing line, on a large construction site, in a small micro-enterprises, as China's GDP growth "screw" devotees.

In the 2015 job search tide, more than half of the new blue-collar groups to prop up the tertiary industry this ship, to service and technical work as the main force, housekeeping, customer service, beauty salons, drivers, security and so are popular posts. Through the Bai, 58 of the same city classification site to find work, the new blue collar is the most convenient way to seek employment.

2, a "personality" of the new blue collar

The trend of mobile internet has changed the way of life and entertainment of new blue-collar groups. They are natural mobile internet players, and their fans have in some way facilitated the faster development of China Mobile's Internet.

For the new blue-collar group, the "fast" philosophy of life is another feature of their body, such as the fast-food culture of life style, the concept of the consumption of pleasure, and other quick-themed lifestyle, are their preferred way to meet the world. They are more concerned with the current feeling of life than they are at planning and preparing.

Industry reports show that new blue-collar users are more obsessed with social networking, online shopping and news browsing, where the social app product usage is 28.6%, game class app use rate is 10.9%, news class product usage is 8.8%, and the proportion of the shopping class only accounts for 7.5%, Taobao is the first choice for most of them; classified information sites are the preferred way to find jobs.

Bai data show that the employment of new blue-collar groups is more meticulous and vertical. Whether it is Lanxiang excavators, new Oriental chefs or major real estate agents, automobile factory workers, cosmetics shopping guide, in their respective fields have some industry accumulation and professional training. Compared with other groups, they are receptive to the work of the professional field, which is another characteristic of their time.

In the career choice, the new blue-collar users in the career choice, almost with personal interest as the starting point, in the process of choosing a career, they are more concerned about their feelings, more need for equality, if the departure from such a principle, their most common choice is to change jobs.

In the recruitment debate: The new blue collar, that is, the world. (Text/Zhu Yi)

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