NGP volume is the most popular Sony has no intention of taking the portable road?

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(Compile/Sky small white) this year 3DS and PSP2 (NGP) successively debut also to quiet for a long time the palm machine market brought a lot of anger, a few days ago, Nintendo also proudly announced that the market is not yet a competitor, when their mouth is not closed, Sony will carry its new products PSP2 gorgeous debut. Although the player is generally known to be flooded with the network before the gorgeous imaginary image of the appetite, have said that can not accept the current PSP2 shape. But said that, if PSP2 really have a comparable PS3 performance, can run the early PS3 game, I believe players will buy. But in foreign countries, there are media idle down in contrast to the next few mainstream palm machine, found that the size of the PSP2 than the PSP3000 a lot, and in the list first.  As mobile devices become more portable today, can PSP2 's big guy really get the most out of it?  On this list are Apple's iphone, Nintendo's 3DS, DSI, and Sony's PSP go, PSP3000, and PSP2, all of which are now popular mainstream palm machines. As we can see from the diagram, Apple's iphone is the smallest in all the handheld machines. The company's mobile phone, which is made by Apple, which can touch widescreen and desktop software, is popular with modern young people and produces a number of core users, thanks to its powerful performance plus its gorgeous appearance.  The App Store software Library has also provided a sufficient source of gaming, and in this increasingly fast-paced era, using the iphone to sneak up on casual games is the first choice for many young people today.  followed by the Sony PSP Go, Sony launched the model is a portable brand, from today's rankings it seems to have done, but because of its own hardware short board so that the PSP go sales are not satisfactory. Nintendo's 3DS is a little bit smaller than the DSI, although performance has improved a lot, but the overall shape of the machine has not changed much.  From the size of 3DS, we can see that Nintendo is obviously trying to make the portability more perfect without affecting the entertainment of the game. Sony's approach has run counter to Nintendo, which was widely speculated that PSP2 's appearance would be further lightweight, and that even rumors's imaginary images on the web followed the player's guess. But Sony still let everyone take a surprise, the whole PSP2 no matter is long and generous are more than PSP3000 to many. Perhaps Sony believes that the portable PSP does not have a great advantage, so give full play to the PSP hardware advantages, continue its game professional machine strategy?
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