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Absrtact: Nielsen released the first half of the 2014 U.S. Music consumption report, which shows that the digital music landscape is tilting from paid downloads to streaming music. Over the past six months, streaming media (including music and video) has grown by 42%, consuming up to 70 billion;

Nielsen released the first half of the 2014 US music consumption report, which shows that the digital music landscape is tilting from paid downloads to streaming media music. In the past six months, streaming media, including music and video, has grown by 42%, consuming up to 70 billion, while music-paid downloads have fallen 13% per cent, 593.6 million per cent, and digital albums have fallen by 11.6%, a total of 53.8 million; Interestingly, vinyl record sales have risen by 40%, rose to 4 million.

The drag-and-drop of paid downloads of music and record music has reduced sales of the music industry by 3.3%.

At present, there are still some dominant power to pay for the download of the Apple and Amazon, but Apple 3.2 billion dollars bought the headset brand and streaming music Beats,amazon also launched the prime Music,google to 39 million dollars to buy streaming music services Songza.

The addition of the Giants will accelerate the flow of media will undoubtedly accelerate the advent of the media inflection point, but the itunes representative of the paid download mode is currently considering the old user's habits, which requires a transition, streaming media is the future.

The biggest stream of media Spotify, which has already financed more than $500 million trillion, is now an IPO (valued at $4 billion trillion), and one of the problems it faces now is that, while paying users has broken the 10 million mark, high royalties (which affect every consumption) are a burden. It also acquired the music data platform business Echonest this year to help users more intelligently filter the music that users prefer.

The process took 15 years from CDs, to the pirated MP3 of Napster, to itunes-defined paid downloads, to the radio-streaming media represented by Pandora, to YouTube's music video streaming, to the sportify streaming app.

What is the new mature business model of music content consumption?

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