Nintendo Game Design infringement awarded 21 million USD

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May 16--A jury in Wednesday ordered Nintendo to award 21 million of dollars to a small company in the eastern region of Texas State for violating a technology patent in the Wii and GameCube game design.

The jury supported the Anascape company's lawsuit. The lawsuit was originally proposed in 2006. Nintendo spokesman Charlie Scibetta said Nintendo would appeal the ruling and expect the court to reduce the amount of compensation significantly.

The jury found that Nintendo violated Anascape's technical patents when designing Wii Classic, WaveBird and GameCube game controllers.

Nintendo spokesman said Nintendo was satisfied with the dynamic technology used by its Wii and Nuncheck controllers without infringing patents. Users use this dynamic technique in games to mimic tennis and boxing.

The Anascape company's lawyers did not comment on the news.

Anascape also filed a lawsuit against Microsoft alleging that Microsoft's game controllers violated its technology patents. But before the court began to hear the Nintendo case, Anascape and Microsoft reached a settlement. Microsoft said in a statement that the settlement agreement reached on May 1 was confidential.

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