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[summary) Not long ago, Nintendo President Rock Iwata spoke at an investor conference, one of the key points: Nintendo will not risk destroying the classic game series for the time being, Enter the field of hand tour. But even so, Nintendo does not agree with the "video game pessimism", its many excellent game brands such as "Mario", "The Legend of Zelda", "Pokemon" and so on, are Nintendo's most valuable wealth.

Nintendo teamed up with Dena to enter the mobile gaming market foreground geometry?
Not long ago, Nintendo President Rock Iwata a speech at an investor conference, one of the key points: Nintendo will not risk destroying the classic game series for the time being, to enter the field of hand tour. On March 18, Nintendo announced a partnership with Dena, a well-known mobile platform gaming manufacturer in Japan, to promote a new Nintendo game on the mobile platform. It seems that under the brutal pressure of market competition, Nintendo, a century-old gaming shop, has to break its promise, but that is not the case.
still focused on traditional game hosts

According to The Verge, rock Iwata acknowledged the plight of Nintendo in the press conference, saying that 3DS and Wii U as a follow-up product did not achieve the previous success; Meanwhile, the booming mobile market, IOS, The Android platform and numerous hand tours have had a huge impact on Nintendo.
But even so, Nintendo does not agree with the "video game pessimism", its many excellent game brands such as "Mario", "The Legend of Zelda", "Pokemon" and so on, are the most valuable wealth of Nintendo. "People are still willing to buy Nintendo hardware to play Nintendo-branded games, which means the profit model is still sustainable," says Rock Iwata.
at the press conference, Nintendo also admitted for the first time the existence of the next generation of game consoles (code-named NX), but it may not have had much detail until 2016. CNET said that if Nintendo still looks at the traditional game, it needs to improve the Wii U, such as poor performance, backward network function, strange handle experience, lack of a unified Cross-platform game library and so on.
Super Mario on the phone? It's not that simple.

So why cooperate with Dena, since Nintendo is still conservative? In short, it's about looking for new developments while minimizing risk, but not good news for fans who love Nintendo's classic games. It's not possible to play the classic Mario, Donkey Kong or Pokemon on the iphone or ipad.
Nintendo's collaboration with Dena is essentially "developing new products for mobile platforms", which means that Nintendo will not risk destroying the classic game series (which Nintendo believes is not the best gaming experience in the form of touch-screen manipulation), but rather to develop new content for mobile products such as mobile phones and tablets. For example, a game like the "Candy Smash legend" is ideal for touch screens and mobile platforms, and perhaps Nintendo will launch a similar hand tour, but will not simply transplant its classic games. In addition, users need to become Dena members to be able to buy these content, rather than simply spend dozens of of dollars in the app store to buy, which is undoubtedly the rise in the threshold.
is Nintendo's stubbornness right or wrong?

Obviously, two companies are partnering for "strong alliances", such as Apple and IBM, and Nintendo and Dena are no exception. But through the details of the cooperation, it can be understood that Nintendo's stubbornness and conservatism is beyond the imagination of the players. It is easy to understand that Nintendo sees its game brands and characters as treasures and sustainable resources, and does not want the clumsy manipulation of handsets to affect gameplay. But is this strategy right or wrong in the booming market? The
9to5mac to the Nintendo strategy and argues that Nintendo's strategy is somewhat conservative. In fact, people have been able to run all kinds of classic Nintendo games on the iphone or on the Android phone, and Square, Capcom and other Japanese gaming companies have successfully transplanted classic games such as "Final Fantasy" and "biochemical crisis" to mobile platforms. In terms of gaming operations, both iOS and Android have a large number of Third-party Bluetooth handles, and operability is no longer a problem.
In other words, Nintendo is giving up its chance to make money. In fact, the current iOS and Android hardware running 3DS games are effortless, Nintendo can choose some suitable for transplant works, even the introduction of their own handles and other peripherals, its influence and sales are expected to be huge. And now cooperation with Dena is a big step, why not step forward?
Obviously, many people like Nintendo because of its persistence, high quality, and a lot of people hate Nintendo because it is old-fashioned and outdated, and it's not as fashionable as Sony and Microsoft. Nintendo's partnership with Dena can be seen as a small transition, and ultimately success depends on the gaming resources of the platform, and we just hope that, in the fast-changing consumer electronics and Internet markets, Nintendo will be able to keep pace with the times.
Source: Theverge, 9to5mac

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