Obsessed with the tragedy of the player Gameboy buried with the thieves opened the coffin stolen away

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U.S. police have arrested a shameless burglar who was buried with Game Boy after the death of a stolen player, according to a Yahoo news report.  In Montgomery, Pennsylvania, the 17-Year-old Bradley David-mccombs Jr was killed in a car accident on her way home from a Christmas party, and his family later held a funeral for him at a local funeral parlor on Monday. Because the deceased was very fond of playing games, so the family put his Game Boy and other items into the coffin to be buried together.  But unexpectedly, the 38-year-old thief Jody Lynn Bennett unexpectedly take the person unprepared, secretly opened the coffin, stole game Boy, three games and a GBL accessories. Local police immediately after receiving the police investigation, and soon arrested the suspect Jody Lynn Bennett, his family and the deceased's family is a very good friend.  The suspect's aunt, Dianna Bennett, said Jody Lynn Bennett had been reduced to this because he was addicted to drugs and alcohol. Jody Lynn Bennett will face charges of theft and desecration of corpses. (Edit/Zhang Lei)
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