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This reporter Zhao Beijing report "Today to greet everyone come over, one is me and everyone to see a face, and secondly is S6 in front of everyone bright phase." "Born in 1973, Hou Yan, a native of Qingdao, was unveiled to the media as general manager of BYD's auto production and management program.  August 6, Hou Yan just replaced Sharge's BYD Auto sales company General Manager's position, because of time, he did not even have the opportunity to issue a new business card printed. Earlier, Sharge's microblog letter of resignation in the automotive industry has aroused great concern, about the summer by the decline in sales and the impact of internal political struggle to resign from the network and car circles.  Perhaps in order to quickly calm the impact of personnel shocks on the normal operation of enterprises, Hou Yan hurried to cessation, hoping to a peaceful golf tournament and the media discussion, to show the current smooth transition of BYD sales company. "I don't actually play golf, I play like a plane," he said. Hou Yan jokingly said, but facing reporters inevitably asked Sharge resignation reason, Hou Yan said: "Summer total turnover is indeed his own will, or tired, need to rest, or learn to recharge." "At the moment, BYD's strife can no longer withstand any twists and turns." Sharge after leaving the gap by Hou Yan quickly fill, but its Hou Yan still bear the BYD automobile production and Operation Planning Department general manager of the post. "With the vertical production of the entire upstream and downstream parts of BYD, this position is equivalent to the total production schedule." "With S6 this" BYD to date the best car "began in Changsha and Shenyang and other regions of the listing, more than 100,000 yuan price and rich configuration so that S6 quickly won the market acclaim, the number of cards quickly exceeded the previous expected 5000/month target,  The condition of demand even makes BYD car first appeared to need to increase 10,000 yuan to lift the status quo. "We will manage the dealer's fare increase."  "Say this words, Hou Yan transported expression has happy little trouble way." For the sudden and S6, Hou Yan said BYD car is not anxious to quickly improve production and marketing: One is BYD's overall speed and mentality needs to come down, and second is also want to steadily improve the market to S6 evaluation. "In fact, I have no way to push production, but also to urge themselves."  Hou Yan At this moment a second job, shouldering the responsibility of production and sales. In fact, for any car company, production and sales have never been a precedent for a single person, the resignation of summer and Hou's body and the two major tasks have shown that in the years of the development of BYD's senior shareholders, understand the car and the market is difficult to find suitable candidates.  Although Hou Yan has repeatedly stressed that he is in charge of sales is the company's arrangements, but words have a sense of transition outside. At present, the dimensional stability has become the key word of BYD. "Hou always took office, only spent more than 10 minutes to end the service ceremony, the ceremony was over, immediately meet to study the listing strategy of S6." "As deputy general Manager and director of public relations soon Li Yunfei recalls," Hou always come up on the announcement of three unchanged,First, the sales structure is unchanged, the second is the same as the sales staff, and the third is the unchanged business policy. In fact, there is still a change. Li Yunfei added, "This is the same as the policy of the Distributor." For example, the price and profit of S6 is actually more to give the distributor and consumers, the manufacturers only to obtain a small profit.  "Due to sales S6 A1 network dealers have been a long time no new cars, in order to make up for the impact of the network and maintain the stability of the old dealers, the price is to stabilize the dealer, and S6 became the dealer new profit growth point, a car can earn more than 20,000. May be true gold and silver to stimulate the dealer's drive, dealers also ingenuity to promote S6 in various ways. Li Yunfei Example: "We have a regional distributor, every day early will be affixed to the sales of the telephone S6 open to Canton Store customers parking area Most conspicuous position, car repair or maintenance of customers in the past, will inadvertently watch some, write down the phone, Gesanchaiwu dealers will receive unexpected surprises. "Dealers are too important for the business. Li Yunfei recalls the situation when he ran the dealership with his leader Hou Yan, "BYD, never heard of it!" "Wang, the one with the batteries?"  "Li Yunfei and Hou Yan often run all over the country to find a distributor, the door will not even give you a glass of water to drink, began one months down, only one or two dozen come over a little margin, booking a few car test." Years of experience in the development of distributors let Hou Yan profound experience, the development of enterprises need not only good distributors, but also have good products. At present, in the case of two big conditions, BYD to do is two times take-off.
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