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After dealing with the things on the line, Li Xianliang walked to the balcony to rest for a while, even got the wealth, but their own life is almost gone .

24 hours, 1440 minutes, 86400 seconds, feast all the time.

Men, women, even children, began to appear in the video. US pupil, heavy makeup, black super, wig, singing, dancing, shouting wheat intertwined. They are anchors, they make money, most of them are full-time; audience cheers from time to time passing the screen, they are in onlookers, they are spending.

From 2010 until now, an online live broadcast software called YY Music became popular, so far it has attracted more than 400 million users. In this semi-virtual platform, those who are proud of may overnight rich, and become the star-studded focus.

"Tyrant", "Reeling" is the word frequency of the world's highest frequency. In this world, the so-called "tycoons" and "reeling" complement each other. In the eyes of thousands of "reeling", in the eyes of the disappointed anchor, the "tycoons" rained the money to the popular anchormen, and reeling from the wire was a great motivation for the "tycoons" spending billions. Here, vanity, temptation intertwined, together to fill the loneliness of emptiness nowhere, but also in the group carnival found a sense of loss.

Brilliant Streamer: Reeling counter-attack

Shen Man slim physique and radiant in Guangzhou, "the waistline" next to the Four Seasons hotel appears. Prada handbag with her hand, carrying Prada handbags. She with makeup, stepping on the wholesale market Amoy 35 yuan Amoy to the foreground. She took out an unlimited credit card, the other end of the phone said: deposit 3500 yuan, I brush ah.

After being told that the credit card was for personal use only, she rushed to the front desk and shouted two sentences. She called her supper into the room and her mood started to turn better again.

Through Live Live in YY, singing and chatting, Shen Man attracted several "tycoons" within a year, which brought together millions of fortunes and even first-class airfares for her trips, as well as star-rated hotel accommodation Fan pay. Prior to that, she was a nurse in a hospital in Sichuan, holding a monthly average of 2,000 yuan salary.

Like Shen Man, anchor Lee Hyun-liang also changed his life trajectory here.

June 28 is Li Xianliang birthday party, according to the usual practice, his income will reach a peak on this day. The same day, he received a gift equivalent to more than 800,000 yuan, according to the principle of division with YY, he has nearly 400,000 accounted for.

Every night at eight o'clock to midnight, Li Xianliang live in a storage room of about 5 square meters, screaming hoarsely pinpoint the shortcomings, pointing Jiangshan. The threshold of live equipment is not high, computers, cameras, microphones, sound cards, lamp, is the Nuggets all the props.

His show is more like a vent, a song, a bump in society, he seems to be screaming all the time, and your inner impulses seem to be released with his roar. Due to excessive volume, he continued to be complained by his neighbors, forced to move three times, halfway through the glass or even broken by the foreigner with steel balls.

An anchorman similar to Lee Hsien Loong's style is not uncommon on YY. Lee claimed to be reeling, the terms reeling, reeling style, so YY on the "gang of reeling will certainly like me." In a YY official activities, a popular yellow-haired male anchor carpentry Northeast thick yell: I first culture how? Who are you lower than my education, that you guys are lower than me? The audience burst out for a while knowing laughter.

Li Xianliang's judgment and YY founder Li Xueling consistent. The latter once told the media that grassroots are the core users of China's Internet. Indeed, Li Xueling successfully defined the main nationalities of the kingdom he created. In 2012, YY voice parent company was listed on the NASDAQ during the reunion. Results for the first quarter of 2014 showed net revenues of 666.3 million renminbi, including 383.1 million online music and entertainment revenues, an increase of 228% over the same period of the previous year while paid subscribers increased 103.2% over the same period last year.

Membership, virtual gifts are all presented for a fee. Perhaps the reason for being a reporter in his early years, Li Xueling keenly sensed the needs of the public during the time when the Internet was flourishing everywhere. In this semi-virtual world, created by him, you can get entertained, existential and supreme power with less money than in reality.

Shen Man's live room is often streamed, which means the audience is giving her gifts in groups. Gift giver's name and gift piece, composed of streamer, across the screen below the video screen, turned out gorgeous glory.

Not all gifts are flashed and recorded, only to send more than 10 once to trigger the streamer, otherwise, your mind is a mass of air.

Each virtual gift is a common prop in reality. The lowest is the price of lollipops, what da, etc., each 0.1 yuan, the highest is the perfume, diamond ring and other cosmetics, each 19.9 yuan. The system is set to the number of options is 1,10,30,66,188,520,1314, apparently, the system keenly smell the user's mindset, each number convey a straightforward ambiguous message: wholeheartedly, perfect, I miss you, all the best, hug, I love you, and my whole life.

5% "Tycoon": "This is the platform for the rich second generation"

Shen Man's live stopped 670 luxury cars, from the Ferrari 458, Lamborghini LP700-4, to Bugatti Veyron, but full. Soon you can see that Justin's Rolls-Royce Phantom also stopped there. He was Shen Man's loyal "local tyrant." His luxury carpets showed his noble descent and power over ordinary people. As he approaches, his car will cross the public screen at the bottom of the video to the top of the VIP seats.

Only RMB can exchange for these virtual cars. A virtual Lamborghini priced at 6800 yuan, Bugatti Veyron is 43000 yuan, valid for only one year. Open nobility, you can get a free car. The aristocracy at the bottom is the Lord, is the only title without a car, the top is the king, the higher the title, the more luxurious the car, the corresponding license plate number will be shorter.

YY sets the bar for the practice of power in this semi-virtual world. In the popular studio, as a civilian you may need to line up, and you are the King of Jia Sijie can be a long car straight into. All the aristocrats are seated at the VIP seats on the left side of the video, in order of their rank.

In the capacity of 500 or 1000 people live room, the late aristocracy can kick the room out of unknown people, and even can be the same as the aristocracy but title lower than him kicked away.

Everything is clearly priced, anyone can buy. King first opened 120,000, after 30,000 "mortgage." Lord down payment 50 yuan, thereafter 20 yuan per month. Lord's name will appear at the very end of the VIP seats. Ordinary users do not have a sense of presence, looking ahead, tens of thousands of people live, find your name is very difficult.

In a May conference call, Gathering Times mentioned that 5% of YY Entertainment contributed 70% of its revenue.

In the YY user's dictionary, these 5% of the audience are called "local tyrants", they either opened the king, or opened the Duke, but they are tens of thousands of dollars to the anchor drop gift. They are the anchor of the big rich.

Shen Man video on the right week contribution list. Like the VIP seats, the top contribution is also occupied by the two kings, no one can shake the king's authority and status. The week before July 5, the most contributed king presented a total of 52,892,500 red diamond points, which is 52,892.5 yuan of RMB.

"I got nothing, that is, vanity has been satisfied." Jasper told reporters Southern. At the end of last year, he gave Shen Man a gift equivalent to more than 1 million yuan in a few days, and his total spending on YY has exceeded 3 million yuan.

Like some YY users, Justin first contacted YY's gamers. After YY launched the video broadcast, he became like a live audience with most of the users. Occasionally, he also plays games while listening to songs.

"To put it plainly, this is a platform for a wealthy generation," said Gazette.

Spread money pleasure: "King" comparisons

If giving gifts is a way to participate, then onlookers "local tyrant" throwing money is an almost carnival way to participate. When the "local tyrant" tens of thousands or even tens of millions of smashing gifts to a anchor, excitement was provoked onlookers excited than the anchor, their "long live", "XX mighty" will annihilate public screen, Like a magma eruption volcano.

The more online simultaneous live broadcasts, the more local tycoons are attracted. Because in the popular studio, even if hit a million, not many people cheer for you.

Shen Man live popularity has been maintained at 20,000 or so. In the bottom left of the video group chat dedicated public screen, after the audience waved before the waves, more than you simply have no time to see who said something. Submerged screen chat screen there are free saffron sent by the audience, almost every two messages will appear after a free red rose.

Shen Man already accustomed to this scene. No one cares about these no-frills hospitality. Audience are waiting for local tyrants appear, Shen Man is also. Tyrant admission, Shen Man will be the name of the sweet welcome, do not send the gift of reeling is banned plus anchor as a friend.

Ten minutes later, the climax appeared. A noble began to use "a lifetime" shows good. King World Cup, he sent out 88 groups of 1314 fans vote. Subsequently, he began to send the monthly group ticket, a 520, 2.5 yuan each. The first monthly pass for members draw, after pumping can be sent to favorite anchor to increase popularity. Later, the popularity of YY anchor began to depend entirely on the amount of money: the monthly pass was sold, and very quickly, only one brush changed to a group brush.

Spread the pleasure of money surged YY and anchor income. YY regulations, the premise of the cash of the anchor is signed with the Association, the Association is equivalent to a brokerage firm. YY distributed a variety of large and small associations, they have no legal relationship with YY, only responsible for excavation, training, and participate in the division.

YY is the boss and anchor of the big boss, but also the biggest winner. YY also draws 50-60% of the commission's revenue from the anchor's revenue by selling a virtual gift for high income.

"The entertainment in second and third tier cities is very monotonous, and the social life of ordinary young people is also, YY to some extent make up for the blank of a way of online entertainment." A senior said gathering times. At the same time, he believes that the "tycoon world" does exist, but it does not represent the "silent majority." "Tu Ho King Gold" is not enough to support their participation and onlookers hours a day, job substitution, hobbies, dream compensation is the real motivation.

Line, YY on the "local tyrants" also spontaneously formed a circle. They hold the regiment, set off a round of carnival in this semi-virtual world, they are another group of performers, set off the climax but also bring their own pleasure.

Jiasi Jie told Southern Metropolis Press that there are now about 80 kings in YY, mainly single men born in 1981-1987 and "basically all rich." They will agree well today to go to my favorite anchor to brush gifts, tomorrow together to your favorite anchor brush gifts.

The king will also compete with each other, and some with a small shift to walk in the major studio, to show the money to show the show, the names of the kings are familiar to users.

Sometimes, the king will whim, pick a low popularity live room to sprinkle gifts.

"The audience will exclaim, wow the king, they will give me a lot of gifts, but left the shop," YY spent a year anchor but so far only more than 20 fan flower said. During the day, she is an administrative assistant of a foreign company in Nanshan District, Shenzhen. From 9pm to 1am, she is also an anchor on YY's make-up.

Such as flowers are not popular anchor all YY major guilds. Charlotte's 23-year-old Cosplay and singing, despite the sweet looks, but still in YY for four months after the anchor, she still bleak income --- no king ever noticed her presence. Sometimes, no one in the studio ever interacts with her - online viewers are playing games, just hang on to listen to the song.

Once, Charlotte is singing songs, a user come crazy brush lollipop, a group of 66, after several groups, his name appeared in the week top contribution list. Then he left and never came again.

"In the live broadcast of tens of thousands of viewers, he sent these things will not be noticed at all," said Charlotte.

Anchor Ecology: Live Pyramid

Each anchor is called boss by his fans.

Li Xianliang boss every day in his 5 square meters live room to enjoy the fans give him the supremacy. He is like a general escort of the generals, the broadcast room has a special reception, field control, recording, escort, inspection, crown and other administrators, the specific matters to take layers

Reporting system, the top of the pyramid is Li Xianliang.

Market is the momentum is prestige. In the popular low-cost room, fans will sneer ridicule ridicule anchor, even the field control are not! In Li Xianliang live room, field control is responsible for cleaning up unwelcome tourists, the reception is responsible for chatting with fans when he is not present, the escort is his Queen Army, the equivalent of the old Guardian; inspection is played by the role of Commission for Discipline Inspection, Inspect the various departments are doing its part, lazy will be uncovered.

Li Xianliang early fans in many places college students, then, YY has not opened video broadcast, can only be done similar to radio anchor. Mental history, emotional problems, family life is Li Xianliang's talk. "The entire dormitory in a college in Shandong heard my live broadcast because they had nothing to do at 7-10 pm I was like a sustenance for them," he said.

In reality, it is difficult for you to link Li Xianliang with the word "anchor": medium height, double eyelids, white T-shirt has been bulging up to 40 pounds of fat in two years soared, if not open Audi A6, you probably thought he was the chef who had just moved from hotel to night shift.

"Fat dead", "silly ×", "brain damage" and the like often roll over the chat screen. Before, Li Xianliang will scolded back, and now, he basically did not respond, fans will be solely responsible.

The administrator's identity is a yellow vest, which means they have the power next to the channel owner. They can give visitors a pink, blue and green on behalf of different grades of vest, you can seal the visitor's IP number, so that the dislike of tourists will never be able to enter the studio.

Sheen Yu is a night manager of a live broadcast room during the day, he is a salesman. "I did not have anything to do at night, except playing games, listening to songs every day has become my spiritual sustenance," he said. At the end of each month, thanks to the anchor, the anchor will charge him some credit. In the anchor on duty, he often went to other anchors, but never give money. "Singing so ugly, why give it?"

The same can only see no money any small right is also a bystander. He was a clerk in a third-line city public security bureau in the southeast. When he was tired of playing the game, he went to the live studio to see the beautiful women and watch the public screen to chat. "A lot of screens remind the anchorwoman and the anchor responded occasionally and then continued singing" But he never spoke.

"No one pays for you," he said. Many anchor will be in the broadcast room to the audience a gift, any small power will be sent, are free safflower.

User spending to a certain extent, you can put on the yellow vest, you can enter the anchor group to establish the iron powder group, or never expect, because you can not prove that they are not sent by other spies spy.

"Competitors send fans to add Lao Li as their buddy, and afterwards they have been forced to go off-line," Li Xianliang's wife said.

Group presence: "Boss who means who I hit"

As with reality, in YY's world, female anchors are easier targets than male anchors.

While the virtual world has given human masks, it also exposes the primitive desires of human beings who can not see the light, and the darkness here has gained unlimited indulgence. There is an anchor P Shen Man's picture P to a nude photos, this photo quickly became popular in major forums.

Although YY will hit the anchor number, but the most eye-catching topic did not stop this ferment. "P The anchor of my photo is jealous of me, because the tyrant beside me has never stopped," Shen Man said.

The boss can not be bullied by the common beliefs of fans, in order to closely unite around the anchor, most anchors have their own soy sauce group. Soy sauce group consists of tens of thousands of fans, the anchor was bullied, they will go to revenge.

On one occasion, Shen Man's studio suddenly added thousands of prefixed audiences. They were led by an anchor and on the public screen together they said, "What else would you do to seduce others?" Shen Man said that because of the anchorman's money to her room to her brush a lot of gifts.

The largest is the Association soy sauce group, up to hundreds of thousands of members. At a specific time, members wear uniform vest, led by the group boss, appeared in a channel at the same time, or cheer, or dismantling. Group boss to the anchor brush gifts, group members on the public screen cheer, a mighty force, invincible.

"I think I am a member of the group." Ren Xiaoquan said. "Le Bon's" Uzbekistan "defines the group, and having common interests in the broadcast, doing common things, feels there is a sense of group existence, and even cheering is a kind of follow-up and unconsciousness." But he stressed that every night Turn off the YY live broadcast, this door is closed.

"Playing YY is because I'm introverted, except for a few hours on the line, YY can hardly affect me."

"Boss who I hit who," such an oath in the paste is not uncommon. "We do not seek prosper, only willing to become a sharp edge of × ×, you can blow a knife of the enemy." A guild soy sauce group posted in the bar.

For the table heartfelt, users can open the guardian, become guardian anchor people. Opening costs 999 yuan per month, opened means that you guard your beloved day and night anchor, at the same time, the anchor will get 300 yuan rebate. Known as the guardian, you do not have to line up in the live studio. The public screen just below the video, that is, the area that displays the number of tycoons' admission and gifts, is free to type.

All rights are determined by the yuan, spending less money than in reality, you can enjoy the thrill of power in the world. YY provides that guardians above LV.2 may bar others from using the propaganda function on this channel.

"The main thing is to get the pressure out." Sword is one of the well-known tycoons on YY, unlike most kings, who gave nearly a half of what he currently spends to a male anchor. "To play a woman, in reality, too much," he said.

"Usually sleep two or three during the day and friends are particularly small, some people can not find people to tell that playing on the YY will not think of those things." The 18-year-old dropped out to do business king said that his first Bullion is a highway project found through family relations.

Fans suction gold: festival carnival

One of the best gifts Li Xianliang received on birthday was the two fans opened the king for him.

Each broadcast of a king, which means that the anchor can get 20000 yuan commission, and all online users will roll over the screen, "× × Rongsheng King" tips. This is a three-way to benefit from the sale: the king became famous, the anchor caused onlookers, YY wait for money. Every day the same period, YY from time to time filled with anchors "× × open a king chant" in unison.

In Li Xianliang's live broadcast, the onlookers' continuous "Thank-for-Power Georges King" screen lasted for several minutes, though they could not be divided into half a cup.

Birthday is a small peak of the brush gift, the peak is the annual festival.

At the end of each year, YY will select a number of individual prizes for the anchor. The evaluation will be based on the number of votes received by the anchor and one vote for one vote, for an unlimited number of votes. In other words, who won the Turks, who is the champion.

In order to support an anchor, to increase the visibility of the guild, the guild will go to its anchors to vote. Last year's annual ceremony, Shen Man got the guild's support, the Association boss brush her 400,000, won the annual best female idol, she returned 400,000 to the Association.

To become the best female idol means that Shen Man got the next year's YY official recommendation, she will attract more fans, YY will get more commissions.

The official activities of the YY organization is also a channel for rapid popularity. The official event is more than anchor broadcast appearances on the official channel, like a star concert, but also more popular than offline concerts. Even the largest stadium in China's national stadium nest has a limit of only 91,000, but the maximum number of simultaneous official activities at the same time can exceed 100,000, because as long as there are fans with a large anchor, their fans will be organized with the past.

"We want to break the line of entertainment online and make a real run of the fan economy. A healthy, broad and long-lasting art relationship is paramount. Our recent revision is to make every effort to create this ecology and to curb the loopholes 'Destructive power.'

"When I give gifts, they actually help me too, it's amused," said Gusi Jie. Watch YY on his daily compulsory course, as long as five hours, as short as half an hour. He is a rich second generation, take care of his father's family business, work, entertainment, sleep, this is his three-point line.

"Parents do not know that I spent so much money on it, or they certainly think that I am not working properly, which will greatly affect my future development," he said.

In order to maintain the relationship with the lord, the pseudo-fans Li Xianliang began gambling in this World Cup, bet in million units. No accident, ten gambling nine losers in his body got a perfect fulfillment. In his view, even if the gamble lost, this is a kind of human investment, and the "tycoons" in a circle to play.

However, he almost completely lost himself. In addition to the computer, his daily thing is to sleep. A few months ago, he did Zhang fitness card in the district, thinking every afternoon at 4:00 unshakable fitness. However, a few days later, he found that time was not his own. Today he is going to see the director and prepare for a certain line tomorrow. This is all his life.

Shen Man's live broadcast started again. Behind the LCD TV screen from time to time flashed the figure of the world's star, it is her father watching the World Cup.

"What do you call my dad?" Shen Man began to interact with fans.

Public screen rolling a row of "father-in-law." Then the screen quickly filled with luxury cars and sets of presents.

(Should interview the target request, Jia Sijie, Charlotte, Shi Enyu, Ren Xiaoquan are aliases)

"5% of the audience contributed 70% of the revenue."

- In the YY user's dictionary, these 5% of the audience are called "local tyrants," they either open the king, or open the Duke, but are tens of thousands of places to the anchor drop gift. They are the anchor of the big rich.

"I got nothing, that vanity was satisfied."

- Jasper total consumption in YY has more than 300 million.

Edition photography (except signature): Southern reporter Sun Junbin

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