Online games, the main keynote for the development of Internet manufacturers in the next three years

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China's online gaming market is expected to reach a total of 68.5 billion yuan in 2013, up 23% from last year, and 82.57 billion in 2014 compared with 23% in 2013, according to Shi Yong, an analyst at the Analysys think-tank. It is understood that after 2009, China's client network gaming market ended for many years of rapid growth, the rapid growth of the market scale changed rapidly to 2012 annual growth rate to 10% below, and in this year, the industry several large manufacturers revenue has been negative growth. On the one hand, web games, mobile game on the client side of the game, on the other hand, because of the game's core play and form of aging, innovation, and user demand changes. A combination of factors has led to a slowdown in growth, with market growth below 10% at a largely stagnant state. In the Web game, the market growth rate has ended more than 50% annual growth rate, there is a slowing trend, because of the product level of life cycle problems, excessive reliance on the channel and other reasons, so that the pace of market growth slowed. With the increasing penetration rate of China's smartphone, the popularity of mobile internet, mobile games in 2012 ushered in a rapid development phase, is expected in 2013, as the smartphone in the Chinese market penetration rate of more than 50%, this market will win a breakout period. The Chinese online gaming market is expected to reach 68.5 billion yuan in the next 2013, up 23% from last year, and 82.57 billion in 2014, 23% per cent in 2013 and 94.806 billion in 2015, up 14.8% in the previous year. China's client gaming market is expected to reach 44.106 billion in 2013, up 10% from 2012, 2014 to 48.086 billion, 9% from 2013 and 52.954 billion yuan in 2015, up 10.1% per cent in the previous year. In 2013, China's web game market will reach 11.02 billion yuan, an increase of 39.8% from 2012; 2014 will reach 14.06 billion, a 27.6% increase over the previous year; 2015 will reach 16.93 billion yuan, a 20.4% increase from 2014. The growth rate of the market is slowing down gradually. In mobile gaming, the 2013-year market is expected to reach 9.641 billion yuan, up 54.9% from the previous year, to 14.15 billion in 2014, and 46.8% per cent in 2013; 2015, with a market size of more than 20 billion per cent, Reached 21.162 billion yuan, an increase of 49.6% over the previous year. In the next three years, the mobile game market will maintain a high growth rate of about 50%. On the user side, its growth rate of decline is more obvious, the end of the Chinese market demographic dividend is one aspect, people's living and online entertainment more abundant is another important reason. 2013, China client game market usersThe size of 231 million, the chain growth of 14.93%; in 2014, the figure changed to 259 million, up 12.12% from a year earlier, and to 2015, the user size would reach 289 million, up 11.58% from last year. User-level changes have a far-reaching impact on the size of China's client-side online gaming market in the long run. In 2013, users in the Chinese web game market were expected to reach 87 million, up 16% from 2012, to 2014, with a user size of 98 million, up 12.1% from 2013, and 2015, which was 107 million, up 10.2% from last year. The slowdown in the size of Web game users will be even more pronounced. In mobile gaming, users are expected to be 280 million in 2013 and 30.21% per cent, compared with 360 million in 2014 and 28.57% per cent in 2015, with a user size of 455 million, up 26.39% from last year. For the next three years of China's online game market as a whole, the promotion of industry development factors are: 1, new products, the changes in the model. The development of the industry in the past two years into a trough, and the major network game manufacturers have to optimize the product upgrade, and part of the transition to the pace, as a kind of cultural and creative products, network games with product innovation, the mode of innovation, will further promote the development of the market. 2, mobile internet outbreak, mobile terminal products to adapt to changes in user needs. The way the game is carried by the red and white machine, arcade, mainframe, handheld, PC up to the upcoming mobile terminals, these end product changes to adapt to the development of the market, and with the future of China Mobile Internet and smartphone explosion-type growth, the rapid development of mobile games will further promote the overall market development. 3, the development of overseas markets. As the number of Internet users in China reaches a certain bottleneck, China's demographic dividend has gradually disappeared, the major network game manufacturers have targeted overseas markets, the implementation of the strategy, international layout, this is not only the output of products, but also the output of Chinese culture, not only to promote the development of China's online gaming industry, Also tempered the competitiveness of Chinese online game manufacturers. 4, the impact of policy factors. With China's determination to vigorously develop cultural and creative industries, the development of online games in the Chinese market more convenient, policy factors tilt, more investment in resources, will become the development of online game market promotion factors. The obstacles to the development of the industry lie in: 1, the disorderly competition of the industry, the product is mixed. The network game industry many manufacturers, each year a large number of new products to market, and the product mixed, become a market development of a worry, only on the web game, the channel platform for its reliance on too many products to reach the cost of users too high, for the industry's disorderly competition provides the conditions. These are the factors that hinder the development of online games. 2, user growth difficulty increased. On the domestic market: on the one hand, the overall growth rate of Internet users slowed down, the population dividend disappeared, which became the growth of Chinese online game usersAn important factor in the slowdown. On the other hand, with the growth of the new generation of users, their entertainment and entertainment needs have undergone profound changes, the demand for online games has been reduced, how to adapt to this change, attract more users to the arrival of the next three years the main keynote of the development of Internet manufacturers.

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