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Absrtact: January 30 News, according to foreign media reports, Microsoft is studying a Septimu smart headset, can monitor the user heartbeat, body temperature and other biological rhythms. It uses the data to analyze the user's emotions and to switch to music that caters to the user's mood


January 30, according to foreign media reports, Microsoft is studying a "Septimu" smart headset, can monitor the user's heartbeat, temperature and other biological rhythms. It uses the data to analyze the user's emotions and to switch to music that caters to the user's mood. For example, if a user encounters a state of restlessness and a heartbeat, the ear opportunity "commands" the app to switch some of the slower-paced music to help the user calm down.

At present, there are start-up companies in China to start testing water in this field. Recently, Shenzhen Venture company Oriental cool new app and virtual reality interactive 3D Sound Solutions unveiled.

Oriental Cool Brand founder Li bin in the Communications daily newspaper (micro-letter: maoqiying2008), said that their company launched a new app, can help solve everything and 3D sound-related problems: such as sound quality problems, protect the ear, easy to wear. Through an app, users can experience the full range of sound effects of intelligent flow of the feeling, in the user enjoy music at the same time, can also enjoy the music brought by "personal" service.

Li said the app's iOS version will be launched in May this year, with Android version due for more testing and phone adaptation, probably in June this year.

Bin Li also shared the following views on the combination of smart headphones and music apps:


1, in the handset and the headset, realizes the software and the hardware combination, the app will become a music class game, supports the different type the earphone, in the marketing, sells the earphone time to bundle some content, is the hardware and the Music app Union;

2, in the music market, headset and app, the first to rely on hardware to make money, the software to adopt a free strategy. When the amount of software reaches a certain level, software app can have some value-added services to improve the value of software through differentiated services. Oriental cool sound will continue to improve the function of the app, but also with the video, games, music and other industries to cooperate in the audio input, the use of top-level head recording equipment, from the original point of the 3D digital effect casting sound;

3. Unlike traditional electro-acoustic technology, true 3D electroacoustic is not the traditional surround sound, but the sound field reduction, the directional sense precise localization and the sound field interaction perfect fusion, is one kind can realize the fictitious and the reality real interaction the high difficulty technology, the virtual reality interaction is not the past, is not the future, but now;

4, 2015 is the market year of wearable equipment, but also the holographic sound field technology of the year. Oriental cool Sound launched 3D sound smart headphones, not only a gyroscope, while the use of sound field interaction technology, greatly enhance the user experience.

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