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Absrtact: Recently, the development of a part-time cat search engine nine-tailed technology company CEO, Guangzhou University of Chinese Medicine senior students Ruisheng Xu signed with the Shenzhen Innovation Valley Investment Management Co., Ltd. financing contract, successfully received millions other angel investment. Part-time Cat is an app product

Recently, the development of "part-time cat" search engine of the nine-tailed technology company CEO, Guangzhou University of Chinese Medicine senior students Ruisheng Xu signed with the Shenzhen Innovation Valley Investment Management Co., Ltd. financing contract, successfully received millions other angel investment. "Part-time Cat" is an app product that can provide free, massive, safe and personalized information service for college students. After reaping the investment of the first Angel, this group of students ' entrepreneurs have a new look for the "part-time cat", "We plan to take the route of capital operation and expand the part-time cat by financing." Also expected to start in October, for each use of ' part-time cat ' college students to buy a part-time insurance, through a third party to make claims, so that college students looking for a part-time job is not afraid to be pits. ”

Investors at first sight of "part-time cat"

Last December, Ruisheng Xu and his partner with "part-time cat" to Shenzhen to participate in the Global Mobile Internet Expo, and Innovation Valley company chairman Zhu Bo hit. "We were in front of Zhu to do the road show for this project, he directly asked us ' 1 million enough? ', the investment intention was determined on the spot. Ruisheng Xu said.

Why Zhu Bo to Ruisheng Xu's entrepreneurial project at first sight? " Zhu is always a temperament, he has invested a lot of college students entrepreneurial projects, on the spot or after the direct determination of investment is often the case, and we are the students to start a career. "But, more importantly, because he thinks our team is very reliable," Wang Ruixu says. ”

In the Zhu Bo "phase" before, and Ruisheng Xu approached the investment side also has four or five, is the initiative to find the door to invest, a northern investment company even expressed the willingness to omit the process of direct investment. "Our company has just started, the initial stage needs more resources to support, and Innovation Valley in Guangzhou Resources will be richer, so we chose this investment company." Wang Ruixu explained.

How to attract investors ' attention and even investment to other college students ' entrepreneurial projects Ruisheng Xu's proposal is to repair their own internal strength, "when you do have certain strengths or advantages, you go to the investors to talk about the success rate will be higher, if your project is strong enough, investors will even take the initiative to come to the door." If your project is not perfect and you don't even have a lot of problems to solve, it's not going to be a good time to find them. They are more of a icing on the cake than a timely one. ”

"Part-time cat" determined to insure users

"These investments are mainly used in marketing and personnel costs, especially in the promotion of ' part-time cats '." "Wang Ruixu told reporters," for the further promotion of part-time cats, we are mainly doing is to provide a special fund to support the university to do part-time project student team, and to provide them with technical assistance, use them to make part-time cats in various colleges and universities for the operation of the promotion. ”

"Pui-ching community, Guangdong Pui Ching College's" micro-trust public platform team is our first partner. They will take some part-time business, and then push the information to the "part-time cat" on the campus users, so that they can make money while also promoting part-time cat in the school. The promotion program has only just started, but there are more than 30 student teams in the university and we have reached a cooperative intention. "Wang Ruixu said.

"The next goal is to take the route of capital operation, to make the company bigger, to do something more worthwhile, and of course it needs more support." A new round of financing plans is expected to commence in October this year. Ruisheng Xu further pointed out.

This group will be in the office with the Rhubarb Duck crazy play the big children in addition to have entrepreneurial passion, there is no lack of social responsibility. Wang Ruixu told reporters that their current biggest wish is for a part-time cat every user to provide a part-time insurance, so that college students even if looking for a part-time cheated can be protected. "We are working in this direction and are expected to commence in October this year." Ruisheng Xu said with certainty.

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