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Growing vegetables and stealing vegetables is no surprise, today we come to see the "Magic Heaven" 3D Home system, "pastoral style", "Romantic Style", "Wild Style" my home I decide. After some efforts to reach the 15 level, found the fantasy town of "Homeland Administrator", after the dialogue can be a "home certificate", after dialogue again into the home community.  At this time appeared in front of us incredibly is a 3D scene, 3D games we see many, but 3D home we really rarely see. Home corner picked up their home location after 3 of styles for us to choose: "Pastoral Style" "Romantic style" "Wild Style." Small series chose the "Pastoral style" home, entered after we saw is a pastoral style of the scene, whether from the screen or style are small series like the type. Listen to the game insiders said, players can also buy decorations to decorate their homes, so that their homes more personality.  3D home is a bad place, you can better play the players ' creativity. There are also villages and pastures in the home of Magic Heaven, and there are unexpected things going on in farms and pastures besides stealing vegetables and vegetables. Today, small knitting in stealing other people's food, friends home food unexpectedly become a monster!  Fortunately small knitting skill agile, just escaped a robbery, it seems this small thief is not so good when ... After a while, although the whole game is not very understanding.  But from the home system, "Magic Heaven" research and development team is very careful, I believe this game will give players some different fun, let us wait and see. "Magic Home" official website:
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