Perfect giant four quarter net profit fall 60% move game into a lifeline

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Recently, several mainstream network game manufacturers latest earnings show: Revenue and net profit have fallen sharply. Among them, the perfect World 2012 fourth quarter revenue 6.79.9 billion yuan, down 12% from the previous year. Shanda Games revenue for the quarter was 10, 800 million yuan, down 20% from a year earlier. In addition, several mainstream manufacturers in the four-quarter net profit is also in decline, including Shanda games fell 18%, the perfect world and the Giants declined by more than 60%.

And with the explosion of mobile internet users, more and more companies are killing into the mobile gaming field. The latest data show that 2012 China Mobile gaming users to pay a scale of 5.21 billion yuan, of which the smartphone mobile game accounted for 12.5%. Some game giants are speeding up the layout of the mobile gaming market, putting more resources into mobile games.

Giant Transitions Mobile games

During the Spring Festival, a "Find your sister," the game quickly became popular, this kind of "repeatedly see" the social game by the players, long-term sitting on the iphone free list of the first position, a time of no two. According to "Looking for your Sister" distributor, Hot Cool CEO Yong, the current "Find Your Sister" Day active users have reached 6 million, monthly income of millions of.

There is no doubt that with the bursting of the mobile internet, more and more mobile games like "Find your Sister" are becoming the number one seed of mobile apps. And the hot cool that was initially dedicated to developing the game on Facebook has shifted its energies from the PC side to the smartphone game.

At the same time, according to the China online gaming industry monitoring data by Eric Consulting, China's online gaming users in 2012 the domestic user pay market size of 51.8 billion yuan, growth rate has slipped to below 20%, the industry into a stable long-term.

The latest earnings show that several mainstream online gaming vendors are not ideal for revenue and net profit. Among them, the perfect world in the fourth quarter of 2012 revenue of 679.9 million yuan, a year earlier 776.4 million Yuan down 12%. Shanda game revenue for the quarter of 1.08 billion yuan, compared with the same period last year 1.356 billion yuan down 20%. In addition, several mainstream manufacturers in the four-quarter net profit is also in decline, including Shanda games fell 18%, the perfect world and the Giants declined by more than 60%.

While large client-side games and web-game growth are slowing, traditional online gaming is becoming a big trend. Iris statistics show that by the end of 2012, China Mobile internet users reached 600 million, is expected to 2013 mobile game market penetration of 25.25%. Mobile gaming market Size will increase to 7.85 billion yuan.

In front of the huge market scale, the mainstream game manufacturer also has the full firepower, prepares the all-out attack. The giant's president, Liu Wei, has made it clear that mobile gaming is one of the most important strategies of the year, with 2 to 3 hand-travel research and development teams, the overall size of which will be controlled by around 100 people. And just "Beyond" the Grand Tour announced the opening of two independent lines of business development hand tour, for 2013 or 2014 years to launch mobile products.

Anti-view Grand is already early layout, in addition to late last year in South Korea launched the Novice tour "Million King Arthur" successfully ranked in the South Korea App Store application Three, this year will also be the traditional end of the "Dragon Valley" development mobile phone game version, launched in South Korea.

Who will take the lead in the field of mobile gaming?

Can the giant's admission, turn and move the game succeed? Easy game analyst Shillon to reporters that the most important thing is to solve the problem of internal resource coordination. "The mobile game market is very large, but the benefits of traditional online games are also very large, so it depends on whether they can not abandon the existing resources to put into the development of mobile games." "In his view, Tencent, a few giants, will be the first to break through." "From the game's product type, web games and mobile games belong to light games, so they have a higher degree of reliance on channels and marketing," he said. Tencent's users are large, and the user size of the micro-letter has more than 300 million, and its mobile end has a considerable accumulation. ”

Internet analyst Chen told reporters that users can use queuing, waiting for the time to play games, mobile game fragmentation features highlighted, become a universal entertainment. This has also attracted a lot of internet companies to get involved. According to its analysis, the most investment in mobile phone games in China is Tencent, followed by 4399. Tencent President Lau has said that everyone will have smartphones in the future, and that smartphones will be the equivalent of gaming consoles, a huge opportunity for Tencent. "Therefore, we will not only build platforms, but also develop games and create an ecosystem for game development partners." ”

Shillon analysis said that hand tour is indeed the most mature mobile internet business model, in addition to such as Tencent, Shanda such giants in the pace of acceleration, more entrepreneurs are intent to flood the mobile gaming industry nuggets. "The giant has a lot of money, markets, channels, users, brands, for small companies in the second half of this year has a big challenge, is expected to 2014 small and medium-sized manufacturers will collapse." ”

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