PHS myth after UT Starkon back into three nets fusion

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With the decline of PHS business, has created a "phs myth" of the UT Kangda reorganization has been attracting attention. February 1, UT, said the release of the statement that the Beijing also Zhuang International Development Investment Co., Ltd. (BEIID) on the establishment of a strategic partnership to reach an agreement.  Yesterday, UT, internal sources told reporters that UT in the U.S. financial and personnel departments in the United States from the first half of last year has begun to transfer to China, now the headquarters to Beijing is mainly due to the investor's consideration, as to whether there will be redundancy plans, the company has not further notice. According to the information released by UT, Beijing also Zhuang International Development Investment Co., Ltd. (BEIID) and two other independent investment institutions will invest 48.5 million US dollars in UT Kangda.  According to the content of the investment agreement, UT will issue about 22 million common shares at $2.2 per share, including Beijing International Development Investment Co., Ltd. will inject 25 million U.S. dollars, the remaining two investment agencies will inject 23.5 million U.S. dollars. It is reported that in order to ensure the implementation of UT's strategic objectives in China, Loux has been appointed as the Chief Executive Officer and President of UT, who will begin his formal assignment 3 months after the investment.  It is understood that, in addition to the changes in the President, UT Kangda, including the financial director of most of the senior has been changed. Due to the rapid decline of PHS business, UT is already looking for new growth points. As the most representative of the three network integration business ——— IPTV has been cultivated for many years by UT, after the State Council issued a three-net integration policy, UT Tatsu Kang seems to have found the chance of rebirth.  And in order to reach the three network integration Business this purpose, UT Starkon this also specially in the board of directors added a seat to the state administration of SARFT former deputy chief engineer Du Baixuan. "Daily economic News" Huang Qingyan
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