Pig food ratio early warning over 4 weeks raises head pig loss near hundred yuan

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Every trainee reporter? B from Beijing since May 6, the National pig food parity of less than 6:1 of the break-even point, calculated to June 3 has been 4 weeks. According to the Development and Reform Commission and other 6 Ministries of the "Prevention of pig price excessive fall regulation Plan (interim)" requirements, when the pig grain parity for 4 consecutive weeks between 6:1~5.5:1, will be based on market conditions to increase the necessary central and local frozen meat reserves.  But as of yesterday, the Ministry of Commerce and other ministries did not release the relevant news of pork stockpiling.  Pig food parity 4 weeks of continuous warning May 12, the Development and Reform Commission issued a message that May 6, the country 36 large and medium-sized pig food parity for 5.9:1, less than 6:1 of the break-even point, has entered the blue warning area, some areas of pig breeding losses, reminding pig farmers (field) to pay attention to prevent more losses. In the earlier January 13 this year, the National Development and Reform Commission and other six ministries and committees issued the "Prevention of pig prices over the Fall Regulation Plan (provisional)", to pig grain parity as the basic indicators, to develop a three-level response mechanism.  According to the "plan" requirements, when the pig food parity is below 6:1, will release the market early warning information, when the pig grain parity for 4 consecutive weeks between 6:1~5.5:1 (blue area), will increase the necessary central and local frozen meat reserves according to the market situation, and proceed to carry out the preparatory work of the two level response. As of May 6, the price of pig food is lower than 6:1, 4 weeks after June 3, according to the Ministry of Commerce Daily published data showed that the overall pork prices are still declining trend. At the end of May, reporters interviewed one of the NDRC's people who knew that experts had advised the Government to prepare for a collection of operations, such as pig food than 4 weeks in a row below 6:1, in early June, the Ministry of Commerce will introduce a stable pork prices related policies.  But as of June 4, "daily economic news" reporters in the Ministry of Commerce and other relevant ministry of the Web site has not seen the news about pork. Experts: Associations, enterprises can be the first to be saved yesterday, Hunan Province Livestock and Aquatic Bureau, an industry insider told reporters, since the second half of last year, Hunan pork prices have been falling,  At present, the pig price is 9.5 yuan per kilogram, the corn price is 1.75 yuan per kilogram, the pig grain ratio is 5.4:1, below 5.5:1 has more than two weeks, the farmer raises a pig average loss nearly hundred yuan, the serious loss up to 200 yuan.  The industry believes that, because the "plan" standard is the national average standard, and Hunan local feed prices are high, leading to pig costs in the national average level above, so for Hunan province, "plan" requirements of the purchasing and purchasing measures to launch conditions too harsh. In fact, the current pig farmers in Hunan province has been a serious loss, but according to the "plan" standard, away from the 5:1 red warning zone is still a certain distance, the local has not heard of a plan to store. Pig prices are expected to fall to about 4.2 yuan per catty, local governments will have action.  At present, they are also waiting for central policy. An expert on livestock economics, who declined to be named, said the government was more focused on early warning andPrepare, substantive action will be launched below 5.5:1. In his view, in the initial stage of storing and storing, should be carried out by associations and enterprises more appropriate, government action should be the last bargaining chip.  Therefore, the "plan" if you can clearly define the role of the enterprise, the implementation of the effect will be better. In addition, the expert also said that the central reserve meat cold storage construction is underway, but the inventory is still uncertain. According to previous reports, the National reserve capacity of the cold storage is about 600,000 tons. In his view, according to historical experience, according to 600,000 tons of inventory capacity estimates, can play a role in regulation. If the market is still not stable, it will enable subsidies such as sow subsidies.
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