"Pokemon Black/White" new system will support 4 people video chat

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Play video More (compile/applies will) yesterday, the Japanese magazine "CoroCoro" published the "Pokemon Black/White" The latest information, the most notable is that the new works will have a "live pitcher" of the system,  The player is able to play a maximum of 4 people in the local wireless video chat and up to 2 people Wi-Fi linkage.  Obviously, the "video chat" feature requires the host to be equipped with a camera, so if the player does not use the DSi or 3DS to play, the ordinary DS/DSL can not use this feature.  At the same time, the game also introduced a similar "Dragon Warrior 9" in the new model, called "passing by" but the specific information has not been disclosed. In addition, the game has a new mode called "High Link", which sounds like an improved cooperative model.  The player can meet with other players and join the task through a large social center. The "Pokemon" series is the highest-selling game in the world at the moment, from the beginning of the series to today, and has sold more than 100 million copies. The latest Orthodox sequel, Pokemon Black/White, is the most watched game on the DS mainframe, which is scheduled to be listed in Japan on September 18, landing in the United States next spring. (Edit/Ming)
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