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A mobile phone recent movements, just listed bamboo limited edition of mobile phones, and launched the name of a more secure mobile phone insurance services, and on the internet noisy uproar. And today, a phone and a full aluminum alloy sound cavity in the ear-type headphones, named a plus Tremella headset, price 99 Yuan, and on September 26 10:30 on sale. A pair of Tremella headphones using aluminum alloy sound cavity design, weighing only 2 grams, not to add a little burden to the ear, while minimizing the cavity resonance, so that surging low-frequency and bright human voice to coexist harmoniously. A combination of white fungus headset silicone earplugs with large, medium and small size, so that each sound is comfortable in the ear, light and comfortable coexistence. A good voice far beyond the price. A Tremella headset is priced at 99 yuan, but the headset itself is a lot of technical selling points, such as the use of npei vibration membrane technology, compared to other vibration film, Nepi vibration film, more light, more thin, vibration frequency faster, making a headset voice more accurate expression of natural, layered, which also let its sound quality far beyond the price. Line control technology a plus Tremella headset with three-button integrated line control, precision injection molding, embedded shrapnel, feel, flexible and meticulous. Music playback, pause, volume, small adjustment perfect fit with a mobile phone, while compatible with the mainstream Android phone. In the headphone plugs and the line body and so on key nodes, after 30,000 more than the winding test back and forth 90°, lasted 60 seconds of 3KG tensile load test. The extremely harsh one adds the quality examination standard, lets the sound, listens more. Tone (Diào diào) a plus Tremella headset is not only a single plus mobile phone, in the unique music application of the app, there is a special audio channel with Tremella, according to their own listening preferences, easily modulated the melody they want. You can also enjoy the customization of others, or upload the work to become a share of the people. In addition, a Gargnes network also held in September 23 ~ 26th to share a polite event, send out 300 Tremella headphones as prizes, please pay attention to a plus mobile phone official website. A plus Mobile official website: plus Tremella headset details:玩游戏赢耳机活动: /activity/yin.html
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