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State news and publication Sarft recently said, is currently drafting "on the Standardization of Mobile network game publication and approval Management notice" (hereinafter referred to as "notice"), to reduce the mobile network game approval process. Industry insiders said that the approval process to improve, to some extent, will attract more capital into the game market, stimulate the development of mobile network game market.

It is understood that the "notice" will strive to be issued before the end of December to implement, proposed to not involve ethnic, religious, history, politics, territory and other content, no story or plot of the simple elimination of class, tower prevention, parkour category, chess, music, dance, sports category, flight shooting category, Puzzles and other leisure puzzle domestic mobile network games using easy approval procedures for other categories of mobile network games to further compress content review time, improve the efficiency of approval.

With the development of intelligent terminals, mobile network games have become an indispensable part of our online games. Data show that the three quarter of China's online game market size has reached 27.76 billion yuan, of which the mobile game market size of 6.98 billion yuan, an increase of 72.8%.

Realm Game CEO Zhu Jia Liang told Beijing Business newspaper reporter, mobile network game through approval speed will decide the time of the game official promotion. Because there is no approval of the game is not open to recharge services, so if a long time did not pass the approval, will make the game lose freshness, not to recharge, which brings loss to the game company. In addition, the industry said that by reducing the approval process, the mobile gaming market can bring a positive signal, so as to attract more capital injection, to stimulate the development of mobile network game market.

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