Rapier Battle Island opens to lead PvP Regiment escalation

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&http://www.aliyun.com/zixun/aggregation/37954.html ">nbsp; "Science and Technology" July 17 information, today, "Jian Ling" public test suspense station again "face", this time, from the final battle of the island's ultimate boss Black King was frozen in ice crystals within, to domineering full of "in addition to PvP is PvE, dare to do something else?" "The slogan manifesto, to all the" spirit "players announced that they are about to break the ice.

In this, the "Jian Ling" public test suspense station four posters full open, and the Black Devils as the final release of the content, indicating the new door to send Pvpve play "Decisive Island" is about to open, "sword Spirit" PvP Team War mode will be fully upgraded.

It is understood that "sword spirit" will be in the public beta version of the previous PvP play, PvE game to do subversive changes. As the core of kendo, the decisive island of the game is located in an independent area, in addition to their own door members outside the region are all enemies, players need to first with other door faction PK battle, seize all positions after the other door faction players will die out, leaving only the victory of the door and the final boss duel. This lets the player who loves PK feel the excitement extremely .... "View Details"

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