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As we all know, although the anonymous social application "Secret" has been popular abroad, and Secret in the country's largest imitator "no secret", but in a few days ago was allegedly plagiarized and Apple's shelves, but apparently the bad news It did not block the popular anonymous social application of the popular pace. Since the popularity of Secret into China, in just a few months time, a large number of similar products have appeared in the Android application market and Apple AppStore, becoming a mobile Red Sea.

In fact, when anonymous social applications became popular, some developers were not content with imitation. But through some traditional social networking approach, in preparation for this to achieve product innovation. For example, the anonymous social application "Raven" made by Xu Chaojun, the popping creator, introduces a new concept of "circle", a concept that aims to circle the topics of the users who were originally scattered and aggregated. Another application, Guess, is a similar frivolous but seems to be more focused on campus users.

Anti-real-name applications

When anonymous social networks such as Renren, Weibo, WeChat and other real-name social tools emerged on the Internet, a kind of anonymous social network with anti-real name came into being. "In the past everyone said that on the Internet, no one knows you are a dog, the Internet is psychologically anonymous people can freely speak out." A social network developer said, "but to microblogging, circle of friends for The platform that you represent, however, creates a bondage and stress due to relative identity, and if your parents, relatives, friends and colleagues are following you, are you afraid to talk nonsense?

It is understood that, Facebook, snapchat users reached its peak after the rise, young users have already begun to flee these popular platform, because these users are worried about their actions posted above, every word will be the parent, the boss monitoring object.

After the public expression is satisfied, the anonymity reappears. Since the application of "Secret" in foreign countries has rapidly spread, some domestic applications that satisfy people's anonymous desires, such as "toast," "no secret," "whisper," "secret secret," "guess," and "raven," have also begun Pop up.

Anonymous social is to use the false identity to tell the truth.Anonymous social application of hot and rise, to meet the needs of people to release the pressure, stimulating humanity - snooping desire.It creates a social equality, fair and safe atmosphere, can help people Find more resonance, relieve stress. "The developers said.

However, there is also a general view of anonymous networks that in anonymous environments people may amplify some gloomy things and may lead to some highly-targeted "secret exchanges," such as threats to the user's vital interests Derailment, evidence of bribery, such information of greater value, there is no lack of false fake possibility.

"Be cautious about this type of information, but we should also see the positive energy that such applications bring." Knowing the last user named "Wang Xuan," the "anonymity of social content, regardless of foreign secret , Or domestic applications, vulgar, slander or occupy a small proportion of the content, most are also some more close to life, close to the heart of the content, such as some people remember the childhood dream, some people broke the news in their own case Something went wrong, some people miss the lost youth, others are sentimental once love.

Circle the trend

It is noteworthy that although anonymous socialization has started to explode in the near future, because traditional communication mechanisms based on "friends of friends" have made information dissemination more and more irrelevant to themselves. The limitless expansion of the boundaries in the anonymous social circle is of little significance.

So some anonymous social products have started a new attempt, such as "Secret" has been testing a new feature in a small range of "Secret Dens" to limit the spread of information within the circle, and do not want someone to see a message can also be a People removed. Interestingly, domestic and foreign developers seem to be "similar to heroes" in setting the scope of subsequent product development. Crows, for example, emphasizes the concept of the Sphere - which divides users into two categories: campus users and workplace users, and screens and "isolates" crowds by allowing users to choose whether they are on campus or in the company. At the same time, in order to further emphasize the concept of circle, Raven also allows users to select a specific school or company, according to the specific circle of users to do the information push, so that the anonymity of the socialization trend has always been to redefine the salon appearance.

In addition to crows, Whisper, "Guess" and so on are also trying to define the exchange of topics with the topic label to guide the conversation. The latter also focuses more on campus life in content and will recommend to students a high degree of relevance based on the geographical location of the campus.

It is understood that "Raven" has supported more than 100,000 companies and universities, high schools, junior high school as the center of the circle. Compared with traditional anonymous applications such as "no-secret", crows and other applications place more emphasis on the identity of information: the information you see comes from your main life circle.

The Raven claims that the concept of a circle is intended to shift the user's attention from "very yellow and violent" to "having a job there." In the meantime, in the future, the application will further guide the nature and direction of the information flow, and may even consider pushing the information flow to which the label belongs.

Insiders analysis, after the classification of the circle, with a tag attribute information flow which can be introduced into advertising, recommendations and other content, to achieve the purpose of commercialization.

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