Raw material costs are expected to rise in the industry next year or price 30%

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Rising cost of raw materials new tax policy not clear brands are unwilling to lose global profits international luxury brands can not hold up, in the early July, with LV-led luxury brands have just been a collective price adjustment, the beginning of November, the media again out of luxury brands will be again price adjustment news.  Although the capital of several luxury counters staff have not received a notice of price increases, but the industry said that the next year is expected to increase the luxury goods price 30%.  Market phenomenon luxury goods now "rising prices" into the November, the price of luxury brands rumors in the major fashion forum was "noisy open the pot", especially in 55BBS, some people from the foreign purchase of the price of luxury goods more and more high, but also make a lot of hesitation now should not be shot to copy bottom. Recently, the reporter in the new Light World, Yintai department stores, such as the big counters in front of the shop, before the counter hesitate to buy customers.  In the Yintai department store LV counters, a price increase in July after the price range of nearly thousand LV bag, so that a customer fondle admiringly, but nearly million prices she hesitated. Looking at the customer hesitate, the sales staff began to make up for the customer, "buy it, now do not buy, after two months may be the price increase."  As soon as the remark was made, the customer did not hesitate to open the ticket. Although the brand counters staff are not received notice of the price hike, but a lot of counter shopping guide Miss said that the price hike has been in speculation, should not be "groundless."  "Reporter paparazzi luxury price surge is expected to come next year, the reporter contacted the World Luxury Association Beijing Representative Office, for the price hike rumors, the World Luxury Association Beijing Representative Office Ouyangkun told reporters, the price of the news is indeed true.  Due to various policy issues, prices will not change much this year, and the price increases are expected to be completed early next year. The reason for the increase in the cost of raw materials part of the brand has two price increases data show that this year, leather prices rose in 5%-10%, the main reason is the shortage of sheepskin supply.  Some insiders have said that the rise in crude oil prices will lead to higher prices for all sectors, of which the leather industry is rising faster than other industries. "Now a lot of leather enterprises are in small profits or 0 of profit status, on the surface look at the order is good, do a big deal, but in fact the profit has been pressed to a very low state."  "China Leather Association, Deputy Secretary-General, Leather Professional committee director Chenjianguang said."  and the "raw material price effect" as early as July has been affected to the market, following the regular adjustment of the early July, in the first year, the Chanel led by the international luxury brand for the second time.  According to Chanel, an insider said, the price increase in the comprehensive consideration of raw materials, exchange rates and other changes in the global rise in prices, France up 40%, the mainland China about 10% increase, the average of a cow purse in the mainland store price of 3000-5000 yuan. The reason for the price increase the customs policy to crack down on purchasing or introduce new policy Ouyangkun, China's chief representative of the World Luxury Goods Association, the Customs No. 54th Decree seriously hit overseasBehavior。  Luxury brands make 30% of their profits every year from Chinese consumption, while 60% to 70% of consumption is generated by China's purchases of luxury goods abroad, and the outflow of such huge sums of money can only be regulated by policy. Now, casually open an overseas purchase Taobao shop, "do not bargain not to package mail", "the delivery period may be delayed" and so on because of the impact of the Customs No. 54th is placed in the store the most conspicuous location.  The policy is forcing consumers to return to domestic purchases of luxury goods. It is understood that this is only the prelude to China's policy of adjusting luxury goods.  Next, the government will formulate a new luxury tax policy based on market feedback and consumer response.  Prices are expected to raise prices by at least 30% Ouyangkun at the start of next year, after combining raw material costs and tariffs and exchange-rate policies, it is expected that luxury goods will be priced early next year.  For the price range, he said, with the adjustment of tariff policies, after the decline in overseas purchases, domestic purchases for prices and other reasons, may not immediately increase, which will affect the global profits of luxury brands, they may pass this part of the loss to consumers. Once the luxury price rises at least 30%, this will be higher than the regular 15% per annum.  However, as China's luxury goods market is still on the rise, he predicts that even with a 30% adjustment, annual consumption in China next year is expected to exceed 10 billion. Wen/journalist Wang Linling Sun Yuwang
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