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Recently, and a lot of marketing friends chat, talk about a lot of marketing topics, marketing status, of course, talk about the most is the Internet.

In fact, the Internet is a marketing tool, regardless of the marketing tool how to change, but the core is in and people, before sharing with you the internet thinking of the "solitary nine Swords", today and everyone to share the first, but also the core of marketing, user thinking.

The first type: User thinking

The user is the core of the Internet thinking, all the other eight are all around this type to unfold.

Thinking is the core of all sales, thinking through all the other things through, so the first type is very important.

1 to the World

The network is composed of one and another cock silk, cock Silk Group large, by their composition of the consumption capacity is amazing. In the traditional business world, many tall friends of face-saving may not be good at the entity shop too much counter-offer, but on the network, these people are all kinds of cock silk, so in the network world is a mass of cock silk Group composition.

The story of Tencent

Tencent is a large part of consumers from the cock silk, such as his profitable Tencent game.

360 Stories

Dick Silk likes free, likes cheap, cock silk user achievement 360 Business Kingdom.

The story of Taobao

Taobao early store owners are the source of the crowd with cock silk.

Strategy: Fully understand cock silk mentality, in the sense of belonging, a sense of participation in the sense of involvement.

Example: Last year in the operation of the site, contact with a website, this site has only built more than 1 years, but in such a short period of time, now do 10 tens of thousands of independent IP, daily PV300 million, and the site's daily traffic is still growing. Baidu weight of this site 7, a little knowledge of the network to know the value of the site. The website is the use of the Internet thinking, the first type of user thinking, the user first. The site you can go to Webmaster tools inside the query. As long as you understand the first type, you can easily get a lot of traffic in the Internet marketing world. Tong in the World Internet Conference to share a word, many of the so-called SEO master is to go the technical level, but the real marketing experts go to the level of marketing thinking, it will be a four-and-two-jack effect.

2: Peddling a sense of participation

User participation in product development and design.

In the future enterprise, if which company's product is your user to participate in the design, this enterprise will have the formidable competition ability.

Millet mobile phone is a very typical example, his mobile phone many functions are involved in the design of rice noodles, many functions are rice noodles proposed by its engineers in the technical development of a good implementation. Let the user participate in the brand communication, is the fan economy.

The reason why so many direct sales companies are developing so fast is that their users are involved in the spread of the brand, and their customers are both consumers and operators.

3: User Experience first

Before buying things in the marketing and marketing cooperatives, later changed into shops, and then supermarkets, then now become the experience shop, this evolution is why?

Users ' shopping needs are changing, so the need for marketing should be constantly changing, consumers do not like to sell, so we should follow the consumer's hobby to improve marketing tools. The process of customer consumer products to create a pleasant travel process, in the Internet area should be so, netizens do not like to see the overwhelming advertising information, they like to see valuable information and pictures, so we provide them with value.

Why do you send a very hard ad to the customer, the customer will be disgusted, but you tell the customer a moving story, and tell a point, and finally bring a small advertisement, such a high turnover rate? Because the customer in the process, he felt a harvest, willing to pay for the value, obviously know you are doing soft advertising, he is willing to pay for advertising, is the reason.

Apple's experience shop is also an important factor in Apple's success.

Now is a marketing and promotion of the era, the age of oversupply, good products too much, there is a saying that 21st century production is not important, it is important that you can sell him out.

In my book "Big Data Human nature marketing", I will share 18 strokes to obtain the user's heart the trick, I called him "drops the powder 18 palm".

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