Reconstruction of news communication force in large data age

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Absrtact: In the "Big Data Age", the news communication must be influenced by mass, fast and mixed information, which has changed profoundly in the form of communication, the mode of communication, the content of communication and influence. This paper tries to explore how to use large data technology to improve the information, speed and precision of communication, enlarge the coverage and influence effect of data, and to understand the characteristics and rules of news editing and distribution under the condition of large data.

Keywords: large data dissemination characteristics; news Communication Force

"Big Data Age" came, massive data burst "small data" of the dam, the irresistible renovation of the era of information face, forcing the social information process in various fields. The media industry cannot be alone, and the traditional form and pattern of news communication are experiencing the profound influence of "big data". The issue of "the power of news communication in the big Data age" is more and more concerned by the industry. This article tries to cut through the characteristics of "big data", and discuss the news communication ability in order to camerlengo the insight in the industry.

First, "large data" dissemination characteristics

"Big Data" is used to describe and define the vast amount of data produced in the information Age, and to name related technological developments and innovations. "Big data involves thinking change, business change and management change," Victomaire Schoenberg, a prophet in the big data age, said in the book Big Data Age. In all areas, decisions will increasingly be based on data and analysis rather than on experience and intuition. "This text outlines the general characteristics of large data.

In fact, the big data "massive, fast, diverse, value" and other characteristics, has been reflected in the news dissemination process. From the "mass", the large data involved in the information, such as Smoke-ho sea, it is difficult to get the news information which is accurately screened and effectively disseminated through the traditional information sorting, so it needs the innovation of the news acquisitioning mode; from "Fast", large data has higher information processing speed and more timeliness, which puts forward the information processing ability of news industry. New challenges; Large data including text materials, audio, video, pictures, charts and so on, the form and content of rich and varied, which provides a good use of news editing, and then from "value", large data information, but the value density is relatively low, need to its massive data value "purification", This requires news editing methods, means, technology and other innovative follow-up. Generally believed that the media is through their own products and services, to gather the audience to the media attention, so as to achieve their own influence, communication force. Under the condition of large data technology, as long as the media correctly handle the reasonable allocation of mass data information resources in time, space and quantity, the more information products for the public, the more timely, the more accurate and the more applicable, the more influence and communication power the media has. This is mainly based on three considerations:

First, the large data age is full of data information, through the news media on the purification and processing of information, the use of scientific methods of analysis and processing of data, from the numerous data to get clues and rules, can let the audience more directly and accurately understand the meaning and value of these data. At the same time, the media can analyze more data, and can even deal with all the data related to a particular phenomenon, and no longer rely on random sampling.

Secondly, under the condition of large data, the media should not blindly pursue the accuracy of the news report, just grasp the general situation and development direction of the news. For example, for a major news event, people will learn the whole story through multiple channels, without having to rely on one media or single channel to understand all the facts. In particular, has a large data information, appropriate to ignore the micro-level of precision, but will allow the audience at the macro level has a better insight, the ability to identify news value will be correspondingly enhanced.

Third, in large data conditions, the media do not have to pursue the causal relationship between things, as long as the relationship between things, through the links between things to get the full picture of the news facts. Big data can even make audiences change the accuracy of the news, to pursue the complex nature of news, whether it is the media people or a large audience, as long as they know the "what" the news, and do not need to know the "why" news, let the news of the cause and effect of integration in the facts, which makes the news dissemination efficiency can be greatly improved.

Second, "Big data" is affecting news dissemination

How to use large data technology to enhance the news communication ability? It is generally believed that news communication is a kind of special manifestation of media communication. The power of news communication is the ability of the media to influence the audience and produce effect by interviewing and distributing the news. The industry often said that the ratings, reading rate, arrival rate, circulation, etc., reflects the coverage of the audience news, or the audience to understand the knowledge of news. But in its essence, the extent to which news influences the mind of the audience is the true embodiment of the news communication force.

Large data influences and reconstructs many traditional business models. The innovation and development of large data technology, the large collection of data, cognition, analysis and sharing, provide the industry with a new way to look at the world and make decisions based on facts and data. In particular, its great value in the news industry is widely recognized and pursued. "We no longer need to build news analysis on a small number of assumptions, make the data audible, and visualize the data in an intuitive form, often more efficient ways of disseminating information than text reporting." [1] "

For the media, the purpose of the large data technology application is not to master the massive data information, but to specialize the information or data, and to judge the relationship between the news information so as to determine and promote the gold content of the news dissemination. The big data affects the news dissemination mainly manifests in four aspects:

One is to change the traditional way of news expression. Print media mainly through the use of text, pictures to disseminate news information, radio and television and other audio-visual media mainly through video, audio dissemination of news information, relatively single means of communication. The use of large data to disseminate news information, can be written form, but also graphs, networks and other forms of presentation, which greatly expanded the dissemination of news information means.

Second, form and pattern of multimedia communication. The news communication in the new media era is of revolutionary significance, its data news form is more diverse, and it can convey news by means of novel, figurative and efficient visual graphics, which can be either static graphics or dynamic images, especially the visualization of data, which greatly enriches the form of news expression.

Third, strengthen the interactive relationship of news communication. Through large data to convey news and audience contact, and through the audience click on Interactive design, you can learn more personalized information, even raw data, let the audience find the problem to participate in the news dissemination. The large data technology makes the media and the audience establish the interactive communication relations, even develops "the custom News" to open the channel, this causes the media to reflect and to convey the public opinion function further enhancement.

Four is the creation of digital news and digital communication. The application of large data technology makes news storage and processing easy, and greatly improves the efficiency of news editing and communication. "Data" can make the facts that have been and are happening become more transparent, and even some of the information previously thought to be on top of the news can unearth the potential or relevant news value.

"Data News", as a new way of expressing news innovation in large data age, means a great change of traditional news production process. From the data news editing process, it is through repeatedly crawling, screening and reorganization to deep mining data, focus on specialized information to filter data, visual rendering of data and synthesis of news, is a continuous process of refining information. The correlation of various kinds of information is very prominent here, which provides more convenient and accurate means for news gathering and editing.

For large data, there are two main types of data that can be used for news dissemination: peripheral data. Including data news, reporting clues, etc. A large number of peripheral data analysis can increase the persuasive power of news, at the same time, the development of the past events and the development of the event data analysis, it can be predicted and early warning; Including a variety of data available to the audience, news online data, etc., can be used for news editing. In addition, the impact of the data is also the audience to receive information and news of the change in the way, from the paper media reading mode to the network video reception mode, its transmission effect can not be compared.

Third, "Big data" and forced the reconstruction of news communication force

The power of news communication usually refers to the ability of the media to spread information outward. That is, the media through the combination of news content and various modes of communication, the spread of news to the outside, resulting in the best possible dissemination of the effect of the ability. It includes the amount of information transmitted, the speed and precision of transmission, the coverage and effect.

Large data influence the way and pattern of news communication, and force the reconstruction of news communication. In essence, the activity of news communication is a kind of information activity which has subjective aim and disseminates objective objective. [2] "News communication is usually composed of many factors, such as communication technology, news content, news expression, communication channel and so on." The advance of communication technology and means has a direct influence on the speed and spread of the report, which becomes the important material foundation and even the prerequisite of the communication force.

Large data directly affects the choice of news information. With the help of large data technology, the relevant data can be deeply excavated, analyzed and sorted, and the news report formed on this basis will be more persuasive and more suitable to the needs of the audience. What is the latest news about the failure of the aircraft, the news from all sides is complicated, how to grasp the most close to the truth of the incident? This presents a challenge to the traditional way of communication. And through the large data technology collection, processing, mining news, to show the relationship between the information, so that news awareness close to the truth of events become relatively simple, which not only aroused the attention of the audience, but also greatly enhance the media communication influence. It can be seen that the truth of news content and content is the key to the formation of communication force.

The positive effect of large data on optimizing the way of news presentation cannot be underestimated. News content in what way to the reader, the newspaper can adjust the layout to achieve, the website can also, but through the large data technology can be excavated, optimize news content and manifestation, highlighting the focus of attention of the audience. At the same time, the positive effect of large data on precision transmission is also evident. vary from person to person, when push, large data technology will meet the needs of personalized news service, and even achieve "customized" news dissemination.

The big data trade-off is "to leave the meaning behind, to remove the meaningless." "Only by understanding what is needed in large data, and how to judge that need, can you effectively choose the information you need or don't need." In the past, some media reports had to rely on the results of the survey published by the relevant agencies, some of the statistical surveys used random samples, and in large data technology, the media can obtain more comprehensive data through open channels such as network, which makes the media report on the facts more true, accurate and credible.

The news dissemination in the large data age needs to improve three kinds of ability: the ability to integrate and optimize large data, to explore the ability of the news value behind large data, to carry out accurate, fast and real-time communication ability. The large data technology will become the important news productivity, becomes the media dissemination innovation method and the tool. Through large data processing, to reveal a wider range of more factual information, for the in-depth provision of news reports, and effectively promote the promotion of communication standards.

In view of this, the editorial ability will become the key to the reconstruction of news communication force. "Editorial power is a kind of news thinking and the external manifestation of the ability of news performance, and it is the business quality which integrates various abilities." [3] "editors need to think more from the perspective of the audience, more in the form of data graphs, diagrams and other forms of communication, attract audiences, and find, identify and process information, so that the news report more convincing." Editors should be good at using large data technology to simplify and abstract news content, to improve the efficiency of news editing. In the large data age, both traditional media editors and new media editors should have the ability of data collection, processing and visualization.

In short, the large data age provides a rare opportunity for innovation in the production and dissemination of news. The explosive growth of information, the complexity and variety of sources, the gathering of news and the process of data mining and analysis are becoming more and more important. It is an indisputable fact that large numbers are forcing the media to restructure.

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