Backing Up Large Amounts Of Data

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EMC: Redefining data protection in the big data age

"Software definition" has become the IT Hot word, software definition network, software definition data center, software definition storage, in short, software can define everything. In the large data age, the importance of data is not much to say, and the protection of data will be gradually upgraded.   EMC says that data backup will evolve in the direction of data protection, and over time data protection needs to move toward data management! In the April 9 communication meeting, EMC Dpad Division Greater China Director Chen and senior product manager Li Junpeng and we share the current EMC data ...

How does cloud computing's gradual offshore data migrate into the cloud?

Jeff Kubacki, chief information officer at Kroll, a risk management consulting firm, set a goal for his company to reduce storage costs by 25% over the next three years.   So far, the company's storage volume of data has reached PB (petabytes), Kubacki plans to address this problem in a combination of tiered storage (tiered storage), changing business processes, and adopting new technologies, including cloud storage. Although still only in the initial stage, cloud storage relies on its flexibility, clear fees, multiple save ...

Best Practice Guide for cloud Data migration

It executives involved in Gartner's market research have called cloud computing the first and foremost technology of the 2011, and companies are increasingly imaginative, expanding their budgets to influence the benefits of the cloud from an economic and business perspective. Cloud storage capabilities, particularly in the area of data backup and recovery, are gaining widespread recognition. In today's it community, no market model can be more prominent than cloud computing. Cloud storage may be popular for the IT industry, but not everyone knows how to transfer traditional manual data to cloud-based ...

The advent of the big data age makes storage space smaller

Today we are talking about a topic that is enough to keep CIOs growing. CEOs often call a meeting to announce that we need streamlined, refined storage equipment, and strive to reduce operating costs and improve efficiency. And he wants us to improve our ability to handle large amounts of data. Often, these directives from the leader have a hint of irony. But the fact is that Internet technology is forced to serve two areas: it transitions from the old static architecture to a more flexible dynamic cloud computing environment. This shift has sparked some radical innovations, especially in the storage architecture. Long ...

Energy consumption control for data center storage

The focus of the enterprise is always to save energy "> Improve efficiency. The energy cost of the server occupies most of the total energy consumption of the whole data center, and the energy consumption is the most important focus. Because the organization has multiple storage arrays of thousands of disks, storage can have a huge impact on the use of the data Center for energy. This article describes the energy consumption of the server from various perspectives and solutions.

Protect mobile computer data with cloud backup services

For many organizations, data backup of mobile PCs is a tricky problem.   Through the introduction of this article, we can understand that for this kind of problem, cloud backup service is a very good solution. As a shareholder in an IT security consulting firm, I admit I feel a bit dazed when asked to write an article on mobile computer data backup. After all, the common security specifications of an enterprise require that critical data should never be stored on a mobile computer.   Because once the mobile computer is lost, it will cause irreparable damage. If your organization allows individuals to store on mobile computers ...

How to consolidate backup applications and cloud storage

Are you still backing up your data to an old tape? Is it a disk or is it a disk that has been eliminated? If you are told now that there is a backup device that has no capacity limitations and is very convenient to manage, will you be very happy? This can be done with cloud backup. If you have any doubts about this, please read the following article. There are many products and services on the market are randomly linked with the cloud-related names. Obviously, everyone wants to be able to make a fuss about the cloud, which seems like everyone has its own definition of the cloud concept itself. It is based on this ...

External storage may be suitable for Hadoop

Using Hadoop to drive large-scale data analysis does not necessarily mean that building a good, old array of distributed storage can be a better choice. Hadoop's original architecture was designed to use a relatively inexpensive commodity server and its local storage in a scale-out manner. Hadoop's original goal was to cost-effectively develop and utilize data, which in the past did not work. We've all heard of words like large-scale data, large-scale data types, large-scale data speeds, etc. that describe these previously unmanageable data sets. Given the definition so ...

The competition or the total win? -The United States clothing brand gap line under the integration of the way

This article is the third issue of the 2010 "Sales and Marketing" Channel edition cover feature although not officially entered the Chinese market, but Gap Group ( and its several major brands (including Gap, Oldnavy and Bananarepublic, etc.) have been recognized by many people. Founded in 1969 in San Francisco, California, the company has more than 3100 direct stores and more than 130,000 employees in countries such as the United States, Britain and Japan. Figure I: a gap offline entity stores ...

Storage-Domain SaaS: expecting cloud storage to come into reality

SaaS in the storage domain refers to the "storage as a service (storage as services)". Cloud software vendors provide applications that you can use and process your own data, and usually do not need to move your data out of your room.   Other "software as a service" is to provide management-oriented services, their applications run on the remote system, you can use these applications to maintain and manage your own system. About a year ago, I wrote articles about cloud storage in a very sympathetic tone. At that time, even if not a high enthusiasm, but also very interested. But...

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