Rent rises in Beijing make rental of heart rate rent for rent is about 40%

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"Buy a house at the beginning of the year can't afford to buy, did not think rent now also want to rent!"  "In the past two months, the Beijing property market in the regulatory policy of the" baptism "under the overall lower sales, however, when the housing prices have not been a substantial decline in the trend, as the most rigid demand for dwellings-renters are beginning to appreciate the pain and frustration of price increases, this is unexpected. "It's not a price per day, it's a price per day," he said. My house, at the end of last month, I still hesitate whether to sign the contract, in just one week, rose 200 yuan. "Ms. Liu, who is renting a home in the Asian Games village, complains," she said.  It is understood that in order to prevent the landlord constantly rising prices, there are a lot of tenants must not voluntarily request to renew the contract, some even a sign is two years. Even more difficult for tenants to accept is that the usual separate housing leasing intermediary fee sharing has begun to tilt the direction of the tenant. Some of the high rental housing owners by leasing the scarcity of houses, will be the usual practice should be borne by the intermediary fees to marry the tenant.  A shop owner at the chain House said the owners had been unwilling to take on three thousand or four thousand yuan of intermediary fees, but instead asked the tenants to bear them. According to Albert, I love my home market Research Center statistics, May Beijing rent prices rose 23% year-on-year.  Among them, the low-end leasing market, the average price of 2274 yuan/month, rose nearly 19%, high-end rental market this month, the average price of 5259 yuan/month, up nearly 13%. For the reasons for the rent rise, people uncompromising: the rise in headline prices is one reason why rising rents are driving the cost of rising house prices may be an important driver behind the rise in rents, and more and more residents are opting for "buy-and-rent" under high prices, prompting a growing demand in the recent leasing market.  In addition, right now is the peak of college graduates rent, to the low end of the market price rise also have influence. Indeed, in Beijing, because of the loosening of house prices, originally want to sell a good price of the homeowners, not willing to lose a portion of the proceeds, have to rent on hand. and want to buy a wait-and-see attitude, delaying the purchase time.  58 with the city real Estate board, said the recent property transactions, although the cold, but the rental market is unusually hot, 58 of the city's rental platform to visit a sudden surge in May at the end of the maximum posting volume of more than 100,000.  Beijing Real Estate Transactions Management network data show that May Beijing, a total of 20,186 leasing business, up up to 45% Year-on-year, Rose 1.5% in the year, and then create the highest record of the same period. There is analysis that, with the increase in rents, rent in the rental population of the proportion of the increasing. In the Beijing urban area, at present rent level, the per capita rent burden also reaches 1000 yuan per month. From January to April this year, Beijing urban residents per capita disposable income of 10069 yuan, monthly disposable income of about 2500 yuan. That means rent is close to 40% of income! (Reporter Daimingyang)
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