Rongxiuli on the future of smartphones by cloud computing and service implementation

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September 6, days of mobile phone chairman Rongxiuli in the "It Longmen" interview, said that the current by pure hardware or pure system of the era will become the past, the future smartphone market will be the cloud computing and service-setting pattern. She also said that the current starting point for cooperation with Aliyun OS is to focus on this.

In the topic of "power of Change", Rongxiuli the analysis of the development of mobile phone industry and the trend of the users in mobile internet era. She said that in the future mobile internet era, users of mobile phone applications will certainly cover the computer. The era of selling hardware has passed, and most mobile phone makers face a deep transition dilemma. At the same time she is not optimistic about the pattern of using the Android system, on the one hand this approach is tantamount to selling hardware, on the other hand, "If two years later, Google back is still very dangerous." ”

Insiders point out that in the shadow of the iphone and Android, domestic handset makers don't have much choice. Rongxiuli wants to find another way. She says that from hardware to systems to services is a trend, and Internet services are not available in two major systems, especially in the domestic environment. "There is no possibility of such a strong mobile phone today with internet-side services, if the concept becomes a reality, there is a comprehensive client application, at this time our mobile phone into a new era." "And the first prerequisite is cloud computing," once you have to go into a massive operating system, cloud computing is a must. ”

Under this judgment, the Tian language and Aliyun jointly launched the Aliyun OS W700 mobile phone. Rongxiuli said the starting point of cooperation is that only Alibaba, Baidu, Tencent has a strong cloud computing. And the new model of the mobile phone needs to operate and split into the background, and Ali cooperation will have a good model.

Rongxiuli says the Aliyun OS is built on cloud computing and can provide more local services through the cloud. For example, the combination of e-commerce, mobile phones become "will spend money on the phone, will save money on the phone." "In addition, because most operations in the cloud to achieve, so" can be optimized every day, the day has surprises. She said that the current W700 is only the first product with Aliyun, and then there will be a 4.3-inch novice machine available.

Talking about the cooperation between the two sides, Rongxiuli said that both sides have made great determination and very open and sincere interaction. "I think it's not easy to find someone who has a destiny and is willing to do something right." ”

"20 before the hardware is valuable, then the software is valuable, then nothing is valuable, the era of this service arrived." "Rongxiuli said.

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